Mountain View News Term 3 Week 6

Principal's Message

There has been quite a buzz around the school this week as we have celebrated a Week of Worship that has been student led. Not even COVID has dampened the enthusiasm of the students who spoke about their experience with God. A big thank you to the students involved and the Chaplains for their dedication.

To add to this buzz, a number of grades have been involved in real life project based learning. Sport, Lifestyle and Recreation students led younger students in activities to improve their understanding of healthy living; Year 8 boys started a rubics cube club; Year 12’s led in games; Year 3 spread the message about looking after the environment; and Year 7 and 8 students competed in a Sydney wide STEM competition coming a close second. To top it off, our first HSC Drama students made Mountain View history with their performances and submissions to NSW Education judges. As the Principal I am very proud of the efforts of staff and students in extending their learning.

On a different note, I met with Dr Kerry Chant, the NSW Chief Health Officer, via zoom this week along with other Independent School Principals. The key message from Dr Chant was to be vigilant in our health, hygiene and social distancing to reduce community transmission. She acknowledged the sacrifices that families are making and the impact on young people and is hopeful that restrictions on school events will be eased in Term 4 to allow for Year 12 celebrations. Keep safe and keep supporting each other.

Mrs Julia Heise


Thank you to the Professional Placement Teachers

Over the last eight weeks we have been blessed to have three professional experience teachers working with us in Years 7-12. Jordan Woods, Nathaniel Ropati and Tepatasi Afele are all in the final year of their education degree at Avondale university College. Both students and staff have appreciated their teaching and we wish them well in their future careers.

Chaplain's Address

Perseverance ... Grit ... Dedication ... Three words that have become very apparent this past week, three words that have reflected themselves in the lives and actions of our students, three words that have been in motion within our school community and three words that continue to highlight God's relentless pursuit of using humans to showcase His light and love.

Term three's Week Of Worship is always a major highlight for our school community as our students step up to lead out and share their stories. Our school community is at its strongest and most supportive when we worship God as a collective but with last minute distancing advice it meant that this week had to go online. Instead of being overwhelmed with disappointment and thrown off balance with last minute changes, our students saw this as a new type of opportunity. NOTHING CAN GET IN THE WAY OF GOD SHINING HIS LIGHT THROUGH EACH OF US ! And God has shone through the words, stories and actions of our student body.

Seeing the students step up to the plate and lead out, encourage and persevere throughout all the changes has been an inspiration, not only to our school community but also to each of our journeys from God, as each of our stories continue to encourage others in theirs .

Pr Hope, Pr Raul, Pr Terence

Chaplaincy Team

Stage 4 STEM

The Stage 4 STEM Challenge took place this week remotely with 3 other schools in Sydney. Mountain View entered 3 teams in the competition. The design brief was to build a lift in a 2 story house that would lift and return a person to the second floor. All 3 teams managed to get a working prototype which is a first for our school. Congratulations to Harim, Kyla, Leonsio and Jonathan who finished second in the competition.

HSC Music and Drama Showcase

On August 18th some of the HSC Music and Drama Students performed for fellow students during period 3 & 4 for their Showcase program.

Senior Visual Art student also had their artwork on display and students and their teachers were given time to see these pieces once the performances were complete. Congratulations to all of the students involved in this fantastic program.

Badge of Farming

Year 7 Agriculture designed and made their own inspirational farm animal badges. Students loved using the badge machine!

Week of Maths

Year 2 Photos

Year 9

Year 2 Zooming

As part of the Year 2's Project Base Learning (PBL), in History, the students have been learning about the past and the present. Their focus has been on how the local area has changed over time.

On Wednesday, the Year 2's had a Zoom call with Katrina Brown, who is the Bushland Officer for the Blacktown Local Area.

Before the Zoom, the students brainstormed their questions, allowing it to be an authentic learning experience. For some it was their first experience of a Zoom call.

The students thoroughly enjoyed this PBL

NRL Clinic

The Atom Family

Year 8 has been building models of compounds this week as part of their study of chemical science. The students thought they were too old for modelling kits, but they soon rediscovered their childhood love for building. There were quite a few ’undiscovered’ compounds built and lots of Mickey Mouse faces, but eventually the chemical symbols became visible models. Making models is a beneficial way to explore the unseen world of atoms.

Drama History Made

On August 25th history was made at Mountain View as our first HSC Drama class performed for the NESA judges. Mr Fisher, their teacher, stated that, “The students performed admirably”. Three students elected to do performance as their individual project, three submitted costume designs and one an original script. We are very proud of all of them

(Photos taken from previous event)

Project Based Learning fun

Year 1 and Year 11 collaborated to begin their PBL journey. Year 1 interviewed some Year 11 students and will use their answers to begin writing their books. They are excited to become little authors.

Year 11 PDHPE Health and Wellbeing

Throughout this term Year 11 PDHPE class have been looking at the importance of Health and Wellbeing. One of the most effective means to convey this message is through advocating health promotion. Year 11 PDHPE students have been given an opportunity to spread the message of Health and Wellbeing to Junior, Middle and Senior students using multiple health promotion initiatives. These promotion programs have been on a variety of messages such as ‘Food feeds our Mood’, ‘Stress less’ and ‘Together feels better’. I would like to congratulate the Year 11 PDHPE class in all their efforts to complete this task and promote the important message of promoting Health and Wellbeing to the Mountain View Community.


Year 7 Enrolments for 2021

Today our Year 6 students received their re-enrolment forms for Year 7 in 2021. Places are automatically allocated to our existing students in Year 6, but we do require confirmation that your child will be returning in for Year 7 in 2021.

All parents are required to fill out the re-enrolment form and state their intention for their child. We would like all forms to be returned as soon as possible but will require all forms by Friday 25 September 2020. Please note that should your child not be returning in Year 7 2021, then one full terms notice is required.

Scholarship Program

Our Schools Scholarship options are available now for 2021.

The Sydney Adventist Schools Scholarship applications will close on Monday 31st August 2020.

For information or to apply please see our website.