Trench Warfare Survival Guide World War 1 By: Shon messick


The germans starting using poison gas in 1915. The gas masks were uncomfortable to wear the newer masks had goggles and a tube to breath out of. Most early gas masks were just cotton and a hood and they did not work well. ("10 Things")

Entrenching Tool


A Entrenching tool was used to dig the trenches in world war 1. You need it to dig down so you can stay alive. This tool will help you live and make your home for the war.

Rat Traps

Rats would give people disease and lice. Rats killed many of the men in the trenches they give the men trench fever. In 1918 the doctors figured out that the rats give the disease so you would have needed to kill the rats. (Alicia)

Medical Kit

(Shell Dressing)

A medical kit would be used to heal you and could save your life. The kit could also be used to save others. It could help small or big woulds in the trenches instead of leaving.

Boots and Socks

(Trench Foot)

You need boots and socks in the trenches so you don't get the disease trench foot. Trench foot would destroy you foot with fungus. The boots and socks would keep your feet clean. ("Walking a Mile")

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