Soccer is a team sport played between two teams. While you are playing you are not allowed to use your arms or hands. The only time you are allowed to use your hands is if you are throwing a throw in. A throw in is when the ball goes out of bounds and the opposite team that kicked it out gets to throw the ball in without stepping over the line or picking your feet up. When you are playing the game there are usually 22 players on the field including the 2 goalies. If you are playing at a younger age the amount of people on the field varies. To win the game you have to get the all in your opponents goal. That is how the game of soccer is played.
At the beginning of a soccer game, all 11 players on each team have to be on their half of the field. The ball is then placed in the middle circle at midfield. After everyone is ready, one team kicks the ball forward and the game begins. The game continues until halftime. Before the next half begins, each team gets to talk about the game. Kind of like a time out.After each team is done, the teams switch sides on the field and the players get ready. The opposite team that got the ball the first half gets the ball the second half. When the referee blows the whistle, the game begins. The game continues until the time runs out. Finally, when the game is over, the team within the most goals is the winner. If it is a tie, then the game goes into overtime. The time goes for 15 minutes and if neither team scores, they play another 15 minutes. If the score still hasn't changes after the 15 minutes, they go into penalty kicks. Each team selects 5 players to kick a free shot with only the goalie in the way. After each team has had their shots, the team with the most goals wins the game. If it is still tied, they shoot 5 more shots. This repeats until one team has outscored their opponent. That is how a soccer game is played from start to finish.
A team of boys getting ready to step onto the field
There are many different leagues to play in, but the most common leagues are the Major League Soccer or MLS and the European Leagues. There are many different smaller leagues in the European league and one example is the Premier League. The MLS has a lot of clubs that play against each other. One example is Sporting Kansas City. The European League began in 1992 and the same 5 teams have won the title. On the other hand, the MLS began 20 years ago and9 different teams have won the Cup. Though the players are playing the same sport, many people say that the best MLS players wouldn't stand a chance in the European Leagues. There are a lot more players in the European Leagues so that might explain a little bit of it. The MLS has 19 teams, while there are 20 teams in the premier League itself. Soccer is more common in Europe then the United States. It started a while before the MLS did. Soccer even has a different name in Europe. They call it futbol. It is safe to say that the European Leagues and MLS have many similarities and differences.
On the left is European soccer and on the right is MLS soccer.
If you are dribbling down the sideline and an opponent comes up and pushes you to the ground, that's a foul. A foul is an unfair act by a player, deemed by a referee to contravene the game's laws, that interferes with the active play of the game. If you hurt someone or break a rule playing soccer, you will be punished with a foul. You could get a yellow card, red card, or no card at all. A yellow card is a caution for players using misconduct during the game. If you get two yellow cards you will be punished with a red cad and get dismissed from the game. You can also get red cards by doing worse things than a caution. Red cards are worse than yellow cards and are very bad. That is why you should,t foul. If you do foul you might get sent out of the game.
In the top left corner is a graph that shows the different fouls. The bottom left corner is a referee giving a red card to a player and the right picture is a referee giving a yellow card to a player.
While playing soccer there are many ways where you can get hurt, but one common injuries the ACL. The anterior cruciate ligament or ACL injury is most common in female soccer. The ACL is typically injured when the knee is moved excessively. For females you could stop wearing high-heeled shoes. Another way to prevent ACL injuries is to stretch the leg, especially the front and back of the thigh.


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