The Simple Leaf Naomi WIlliams


The leaf, so simple yet holds the amazing world of science.

The Story

It was the winter time of 1980 something, and the sky was pure white. The animals were hibernated, and of course the leaves have fallen. The leaves were all gathered together in a pile reminiscing the days when their thylakoids would make them the nice shade of lime green, and the mesophyll being filled with chloroplast that would open up to let the sunlight in their veins. Those were the good old days.

The leaves were listing off one by one why they didn't enjoy the winter and falling to the ground. "I miss when my cuticle and upper epidermis would protect me and holds all my cells together." The leaves motioned in agreement, "I wish gas exchange could occur again so the air spaces in me will transport food, water, and minerals." The crowd became louder agreeing. "What are we going to do without our guard cells! It's bad enough were all piled together, how will we breathe through the stromata without guard cells!" Seconds go by before the leaves are crunching in fear, and all of mother's nature was staring at them in sympathy.

Below the pile of leaves, laid a small leaf. His name was Arthur. He was listening to the pile while they were crunching left to right, till he couldn't take it anymore. "Guys! Hello! Hey!" The pile stopped. "I know when winter comes it can become challenging for us when we fall, but it doesn't matter if we aren't green we get to turn red! It doesn't matter for now if our guard cells stop, they will start again and we could breathe again later. Our gas exchange will occur again in the future and we will be able to taste our nutrients, this is our cycle guys. It will be okay."

The leaves all sat in silence, Arthur looked around to try and read the audience. They realized what he was saying and smiled with agreement. Day by day, one by one the leaves waited and waited peacefully for their turn to designate completely than wait for the circle of life to make them regrow again in the spring so they can be around friends and family again. Than it was Arthur's turn.

It was the spring of 1980 something, and Arthur was waking up to a full face of sun, surrounded by the other leaves hanging on the tree. Everyone greeted him, He opened his stromata big and wide then closed. "Feels amazing to be back." He looked around to see the rest of the leaves shaking in re-leaf. Everyone knew winter will be back soon. But they knew one thing, they had each other.


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