My Goals By: taylor roberts

In one year.....

- I would like to be a better person, and I would be a better person by making smarter decisions and knowing right from wrong. I would also better myself by being who I am and not trying to be someone I'm not.

- I would like to become a role model for people. I would do that by sticking to cheer and dance and follow my dreams and goals and have other people look up to me and want to do the same.

- I would like to become a nurse and to do that I would like to take nursing programs to get a early start on my education and knowledge.

- I would also like to have a nice payed off car that I don't have to worry about breaking down or needing work.

In three to four years.....

- I would like to by my own puppy and watch it grow and be my best friend while going through life.

- I would like to become healthier and fit. I would like to reach a point in my life were everyday I'm eating healthy and working out on a daily basis to keep me strong.

- I want to attend NAU to get my master's degree. I would like to attend NAU for the fact that they have an amazing nursing and doctor programs.

- I would like to see my sister grow up and be involved in school. In four years she will be starting her freshman year in high school and I want to see how she matures and become a smart young lady.

In five years....

- I would like to travel the world. Go see different countries and learn about their culture and studies. I would also like to go to all fifty-states and see natural wonders the word has created.

- I would like to see how far I have come in those amount of years. If I have succeeded and have gone on the right path, see how far I have grown myself.

- I would like to be working in a hospital and helping people and become a registered nurse.

- I would like to travel to New Zealand and see the beach and amazing crystal blue water.

In ten years....

- I would like to be a full time registered nurse. Be done with college and get my master's degree.

- I would like to have a house I bought with cash nothing to big.

-I would like to be settled down with a good caring guy that is loving to me and my family.

- Be in a state of mind to start a family and be well off were I do not have to struggle or my kids.


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