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  • Pros: Some good things about this website is that you can put some information about yourself and the website will match you with a therapist that specializes in the patients problem.
  • Pros: Its also convenient to patients that can't get out of the house, whether it's due to their physical health or mental health. On they offer counseling for depression, addiction, stress, anxiety, self-esteem, relationships, grief, and many more.
  • Pros: one advantage to this site is you can choose to stay anonymous. This will help people get the help they need without feeling paranoid about it not being confidential.
  • Cons: on, the therapist aren't legally allowed to prescribe medication to the patients. this can be a problem if the patient has severe depression or anxiety and need medicine to treat it.
  • Cons: One problem with online therapy is the lack of face to face communication. And one of the main advantages of therapy is having someone to talk to and feel like they are there to support you. It's hard to feel that relationship when you only see them on your computer screen.

Who isn't suitable for online therapy?

  1. Patients with more severe mental illnesses, such as psychosis. People with sever anxiety can have an increase in their anxiety by trying to navigate a digital server.
  2. Someone who is actively thinking about hurting yourself or someone else. If this is the case, you need to be evaluated in person by a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other qualified mental health professional. An online therapist isn’t in a position to effectively help you with an acute crisis.
  3. Someone who has very little privacy at home, or others living with you (e.g. a spouse, children, roommates) have access to your computer. You don’t want to be sharing personal and private information with your therapist only to have others read it or overhear your conversation.

Who should use online therapy?

  1. If you are housebound, don’t have reliable transportation, are dealing with health issues or a disability that makes getting out difficult.
  2. You’re completely comfortable with sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone who’s far away and talking to your through your computer.

What is the cost? it can range anywhere from $35 to $70 per week for unlimited access to their counselor

Limitations: one of the main limitations of is that they aren't allowed to prescribe medication. A lot of people go to therapy just to talk and get through their issues, but in some cases people see a psychiatrist to be prescribed anti-depressants and anxiety medication. Because it's online and can be anonymous, they aren't allowed to diagnose or prescribe them.

Successes: On they have a review page of people giving their opinions and experiences with the website. Many people said it was very helpful and they liked their therapist.

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