Alain Locke(New Negro) By: ShafEEQ aBDUL

Alain Leroy Locke was born on September 13th, 1885, and unfortunately died on June 9th, 1954. But, through his tenure of life Locke had become a Writer, Teacher, and a Philosopher.

Early in Locke's life born in Philadelphia. Locke's mother was a teacher which enticed his love for education and literature. Going into college he studied at the most prestigious of Universities, the well-known Harvard and Oxford University. He graduated in 1910 with majors in both English and Philosophy. Being the Phi Beta Kappa Society he also received the Bowdoin Award. In addition being the first African-American Rhodes Scholar.

In Locke's career he had received a assistant professorship at Howard University in 1912. He later came back to Harvard and discussed The Problem of Classification in the Theory of Value. He had received his PhD in Philosophy in 1918. Locke returned to Howard as the Chair of the department of philosophy. Teaching at Howard until retirement in 1928. Later in Howard had a named a hall Locke Hall to represent his dedication to Education.

Locke was a played a huge part in the ever growing Harlem Renaissance, he was a guest editor at Survey Graphic in March 1925. The piece titled "Harlem, the Mecca of New Negro." The main purpose of the piece was to educate white readers in the exponential growth of the culture. Later in December he expanded the piece into a collaboration of multiple pieces written by African-American authors. This was an instant success because the authors were compassionate about the subject to the Harlem Renaissance. Also, their ability to captivate the audience with experience and information.

Locke's philosophy was race-building and having African-Americans understand the overall awareness of black equality. It was based off being self-confidence and political awareness to not be burdened by inhumane requests of White Americans, Locke's idea was not taken out, due to the nature of its being. Having it as an idea instead of a law. This really stuck with the people, because it was something that couldn't be taken out by the Government. Also, giving the people a Call to Action, so in order for Locke's Idea to live was through the enforcement of it by the people.

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