iS Cancer Care Cosmeceutical Innovative Skincare

About me:

I have always had a passion for skincare and love learning ways on how to take care of it. I recently trained with iS Clinical in advanced skincare for cancer patients and I'm now proud to say I am a registered cancer skincare specialist in the Spa Day program.

This is something very close to my heart through losing my father to cancer 10 years ago and also being a melanoma patient myself. Having both undergone treatments and experienced the trauma first hand, I want to be able to help other people and give a little back in anyway I can. It is very rewarding to be able to offer my assistance with both the physical and emotional challenges of patients dealing with cancer.

- Certificate -

Helping you at home

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to offer the iS Cancer Care spa day program in salon at the moment. However, you can do an at home program to experience a remarkable improvement in the appearance, with healthier and more radiant looking skin. iS have produced The Pure Wellness Collection to give you or a loved one an assortment of specifically selected products to address the most common skin reactions associated with cancer treatments.

"An often-overlooked facet of undergoing cancer treatment therapies is the havoc they can wreak on skin. An effective skincare regimen is an important part of maintaining quality of life during the treatment and recovery process."

The Pure Wellness Collection includes:

  • Cream Cleanser
  • Poly-Vitamin Serum®
  • Hydra-Cool Serum®
  • SHEALD™ Recovery Balm
  • Extreme Protect® SPF 30

These products have been used successfully by active cancer patients during treatment for over a decade to improve the overall look and feel of skin.

Only available to purchase with certified iS Cancer Care registered professionals.

Cream Cleanser

A rich, protective cleanser, free of irritating parabens, perfumes, and dyes. Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin.

Poly-Vitamin Serum®

A revitalising serum that hydrates and soothes as it rejuvenates compromised, thin or extremely dry skin, immediately relieving tightness and pulling. Improves overall health and integrity of the skin.

Hydra-Cool Serum®

Powerfully hydrating, this serum cools, calms, and provides damage-deflecting antioxidant protection. It is also excellent for dry, cracked nail cuticles.

Extreme Protect® SPF 30

In addition to providing broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, it is also clinically proven to protect and repair DNA utilizing Extremozyme technology which repairs skin damage caused by radicals.

SHEALD™ Recovery Balm

Helps support optimal skin health-while nurturing, nourishing botanicals minimizes the look and feel of dry, distressed and raw skin. It provides an antioxidant-rich protective barrier, decreases inflammation and relieves itching and tightness associated with healing. Excellent protective moisturizer for harsh and/or dry climates. It also helps minimise scar tissue formation, prevents scabbing and can be used on open cuts/wounds.

Finding Solutions

When attitude is paramount, it is uplifting to know that the iS Cancer Care program offers a vital sense of hope and relief for those challenged with the negative effects of cancer treatments on their skin. Quality of life issues, like skincare concerns, are valid and real. Every individual deserves to know that there are treatments available to help address their changing skin. Innovative skincare offers a solution.


The RRP of the kit is £113 which is a saving of £83 on individually priced items. As an introductory I will be offering these kits for £85 during the lockdown period. Why not treat one of your loved ones with this beautiful gift. To purchase this kit please drop me a message via my Facebook business page or Instagram.

These products are not just for cancer patients. If anyone is struggling at home we have skincare specialists at hand to advise you. All products are non-systemic meaning they are safe for use on cancer patients along with pregnant/breast-feeding women.