United States constitution 6 principles of the constitution

The unaided state constitution is made up of laws, rules and explanations of power. the constitution was written to help the states join together to make the U.S. stronger. the U.S. constitution was written from May 5th to September 17th, 1787.

Popular Sovereignty

The government is hereto protect the people. First, the preamble says "We the people'' have the power to set up the government. Next, the Constitution gives the people power and also limits it. finally, American citizens want peace and safety from foreign enemies that are from different countries.

Limited Government

Limited Government prevent government from becoming too powerful. also the government legally cant be above the law. However they cant make laws for them self's. Limited government explains they have boundaries. also they can't print out money because it would hurt are economy, it would also increase debt. If you are a government official can hold one position in government

Saturation Of Power

the tax stared in the house of representative. there are three branches of government executive legitimate judicial. the house of repsatives creatie law for rasing money.


federalism is the goverment shared by National government and state government. First people's right are protected by the constitution and the government can;t take it away. in article 1, section 9, clause 2 the writ of Haber corpus says you can;t be put in jail for no reason. finally the 10th amendment states that the states can make up laws that are not in the Constitution.

Checks And Balances

checks and balances is a system of government set up so if one branch goes above the law, the other two can bring it down. art ! sec 4 if someone in office is found guilty, they get impeached . Next the taxes stared in the house of representatives and the senate can change. also the power is separated between three branches of government executive, legislative and judicial.

Representative GOVERNMENT

in a representative government the citzens vote for who will speake for them. for example citizens vote for representatives to make laws. also art 1 sac 2 clause 1 representives hold 2 years terms and they must be qualfied. next Art 1 sec 2 clause 4 says when someone from the house of representtive leaves early they need to have author election. finally art1 sec 3 clause 1 says each state elects 2 sentors for 6 years

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