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New year, new art, new releases & fresh perspectives

There's a lot going on ...after a lot that went on! So let's get started, shall we?

Happy New Year, by the way!

Ford Smith Fine Art celebrated the end of 2019 with a series of shows, parties, gallery visits, travel and, of course, brilliantly inspired and utterly beautiful art from both Ford Smith and Eddie Freeland

All the activity makes you wonder how Ford managed to get much painting done, right?

But don't worry, he did!

Meet “Late show”

A heart-stopping original that is a stunning achievement and grand artistic statement.
"Late Show" by Ford Smith is an original painting in acrylics and micro-glass beads. 72"x84" gallery wrapped with 4" deep black painted sides.

And how about these incredible seascapes?

He interprets the ocean with vibrant, energized expression in a style unmistakably Ford Smith.

"Starring Roll"

"Starring Roll" Original painting by Ford Smith (48"x24")

Ford's own homage to the iconic Japanese painting, “The Great Wave”, this remarkable seascape, rising from oceanic undulations, has an organic essence that seems to live and breathe.

"Kaleidoscope Tide"

"Kaleidoscope Tide" Original painting by Ford Smith (48"x24")

This painting an interpretation of the sea as only Ford Smith could conjure. Ford's newest work is visual rush of energy and elegance in a strikingly beautiful palette so different from any other seascape you’ll see.

Joining Forces

“Joining Forces” Original Painting (24x36). What is it about the ocean that has the power to both calm and energize? With an astonishing palette that radiates Ford Smith level best, this magnificent beach vista is a soaring testament to both moods. The convivial cloud clusters of corals and golds congregate with roiling waves, as though one is empowering the other with their singular, thrilling beauty. Ford's frothy, billowing sea foam is perfectly juxtaposed with the smooth, glossy sands that absorb the happy chaos of the sea with peaceful assuredness.

Now... Ready to see ford’s latest Artistic detour?

Ford has always been fascinated by Surrealism. Many longtime fans see subtle surreal influence in some of his paintings (particularly with his Human Nature series).

But these first paintings of 2020 are fully committed to the genre as Ford re-imagines his signature landscapes and further bends the real.

"Looking Back" by Ford Smith 36"x48" Original Painting

Life moves onward and upward in Ford's fascinating world of expressive, surreal nature. Reflecting upon the past, present and future, three spheres are perfect mirrors loosened from the rooted tree, turning and gliding their way into the atmosphere, seeing everything before them and after them. Above the harmonious chaos of colorful, mosaic-dotted waters and billowing trees, they drift toward a bright and brilliant horizon.

Surrealism is a cultural movement that started in 1917. Artists painted illogical scenes, creating unexpected elements and actions from everyday objects that required a suspension of reality and developed painting techniques that allowed the unconscious to express itself.

Take a closer look...
Mirrored spheres reflecting...
Only from the mind and hand of Ford Smith

Now Let's visit the studio of Eddie Freeland, shall we?

This emerging young master has been busy. Eddie's multimedia original paintings in glass, resin, using archival giclee and then painted with acrylics are in high demand. Check out his latest...

"Lively Conversation In Concert"

Many of you know the collaborative "In Concert" series of paintings by Ford Smith and Eddie Freeland, with Ford's archival print as the foundation and then sculpted in glass, resin and hand-painted by Eddie.

Rising star at work

We're proud to represent this immensely talented artist. His development has been exponential in just 3+ short years.

These "In Concert" multimedia originals have been in high demand. So much so that Eddie has been working on large-scale commissions and there aren't many available right now.

But! Eddie is just about finished with "Lively Conversation In Concert" (40"x40") and it's the new star of this remarkable series. If you love it, should make your claim now.

And in case you didn't know... Eddie and Tracey are now married! Congratulations to the happy and beautiful couple.

And one more...

“The Wave” by Eddie Freeland (36”x48”)

It’s an Eddie Freeland original painting through and through...

“The Wave” is a multimedia original painting by Eddie Freeland (yes, his art is the foundation in this one)
Gallery wrapped and ready to exhibit.

One more look before you go...


Let's peek at the original paintings emerging from eddie's studio...

Yes, Eddie has become an incredible painter, folks!

He's developed a distinctive style all his own...

Movement, excitement, wind and waves collide with brilliant energy in a soft, retro palette with a vibrant flash that is defining his unique vision.

The "In Motion" Series by Eddie Freeland

Eddie began this series began with skiers and dancers. As an athlete himself, he wanted to interpret movement, both in nature, machines and human activity, as an artistic focus. The inspiration is endless. Here he combines it all with nature and sailing... the embodiment of the spirit he sought and these are the break-out pieces in mid-production. Stay tuned...!

They're not quite finished, but we couldn't resist teasing you with the progress of these masterful originals.

Every collector loves discovering an emerging master on the art scene. You can say you knew Eddie Freeland at the beginning of his rising career.

We're incredibly proud of what he's been creating and accomplishing. Is the art world ready for Eddie?

You bet it is.

Now for the 2020 Ford smith limited editions

We're talking about the 10 paintings we painstakingly chose for new 2020 signed, numbered and hand embellished limited editions on canvas (edition size 100).

Get ready to fall in love.

Spontaneous Applause

"Spontaneous Applause" (36x48) Against a bright cobalt sky, Ford's radiant tangle of rising blooms seem to rise up and cheer, as though experiencing something so good, so powerful and so thrilling it propelled them to rise up in shared appreciation.

Emotions of Motion

"Emotions of Motion" (24x48) Nature is often a study in contrasts. Capricious chaos merges with structure and orderliness. Vibrant colors mingle with dark drama, deep neutrals, and bathed in light. Ford conjures it all in "Emotions of Motion", a painting that passionately communicates the concepts that propelled his incredible art career.

Garden Rendezvous

"Garden Rendezvous" (24x24) The new 2020 Bloomscape release that exudes all the mood-elevating sunshine of a fine spring day in a Ford Smith expressionist world. Imagine this delightfully engaging painting in your aura and your psyche.

High Five

"High Five" (24x36) We couldn’t resist the dimensional allure of this surreal painting whose balanced energy is a true soul-soothing experience. Can you? There is so much going on and going right with this painting. It’s one of Ford’s most perfect creations and worthy of the inevitable accolades it receives by every viewer. High Five? Absolutely.

Floating Ideas

"Floating Ideas" (36x36) The laid back, grooving nature of this magnificent painting is an art experience nearly indescribable. So much languid movement, so much arresting detail, light and depth... your artistic sensibilities are both soothed and stimulated. One of Ford Smith's finest.

Quilted Fire

"Quilted Fire" (48x24) The electric, Picasso-esque abstractions groove with orderly abandon in Ford's transcendent world, each mosaic it's own symbolic dwelling in the painting. Stitched together by Ford's creative eye and masterful hand, they pay flawless tribute to the lively, liquid world above. Two contrasting mindsets seeking common ground, finding it and celebrating.

Spring Fever

"Spring Fever" (36x24) Ford’s sense of nature is a romantic world of chaotic harmony, evidenced in “Spring Fever”, a true star of the new 2020 limited edition collection. This wildly beautiful Bloomscape is all Ford Smith with an unexpected palette of springtime perfection and abstracted nature. Your eyes rest on every detail, all at once, filling your senses with pure joy and appreciation.

Twilight Surrender

"Twilight Surrender" (60x48) While you're mind is entranced by this vibrant palette of glowing, earthly tones, be sure to spend time on the meticulous and myriad details that further demonstrate why Ford Smith is, indeed, where landscapes go to escape the ordinary. The largest painting to be released as a limited edition in years. At 5 feet by 4 feet, we didn't hold back one magnificent inch from this statement painting.

Good Cheer

"Good Cheer" (22x30) Some paintings simply name themselves. A Bloomscape that positively radiates good cheer was one of them. The psychedelic blooms in this fascinating, kaleidoscopic palette provide the perfect backdrop for Ford's convivial, upward-reaching blooms. They say that some paintings are a gift to the soul, and "Good Cheer" is the embodiment of that phrase.

Spontaneous Attraction

"Spontaneous Attraction" (48x36) Against a deeply dramatic, electric sky and fiery red boughs, Ford conjures psychedelic reflections that surge and swirl in tumultuous harmony. Every reason you love the paintings of Ford Smith are evidenced in this rediscovered classic.

Oh! Before we go, Ford has also created a couple of Bloomscape originals you can't miss...

“Happy To Be Here” by Ford Smith (30x24). This new Bloomscape is an extraordinary twist on the series with a defined surreal influence and an astonishing palette of glorious, lively color and rife with extravagantly ornate details.

“Meeting at Midnight” is Ford’s latest Bloomscape that feels like a welcome oasis of lush, robust flowers. They positively charge the dramatic landscape in this surreally beautiful original painting. A shy midnight moon peers from the cloud cover, delicately balancing the reflected blooms beneath the luminous gathering. (30”x 24”).

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If you're in the Atlanta area, you have a standing invitation to visit Ford's studio gallery by appointment.

Just call, text or email us! 678-908-1989 or info@fordsmithfineart.com

Also! If you are in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area, meet Ford Smith at Ashley's Fine Art Gallery in Fuquay-Varina for his 7th annual show on April 4th and 5th.

New York Magazine: At the forefront of art industry trends are salon-style art experiences. "You have to know about it to go there. Not unlike certain parts of the underground music culture, part of the allure of these spaces is an intimacy that is often lacking in the larger art world. In addition to fostering a sense of community, salon-style galleries can transmit the feeling that you’ve been let in on some kind of secret — that someone has let you into their private corner of the world.”

We know! Come visit us soon. Call or text 678-908-1989 or email info@fordsmithfineart.com for your appointment.

We are scouting for a Ford Smith Pop-Up Gallery and show for the public slated for spring 2020 with dates and location to be announced. Stay tuned!

THANK YOU FOR spending time with us today!

It's a joy to share art with you.

Your friends in art, Ford and Cristi Smith

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