Welcome to nursery

This week the children have enjoyed playing musical instruments to their favourite nursery rhymes.

They did a great job tapping out a beat.

As well as playing the instruments loudly and quietly.

I have been so impressed how the children have independently played in nursery and I think the small world toys were a favourite.

The children enjoyed playing in the sand and displayed lovely imagination whilst playing with the dinosaurs and digging for treasure.

The weather has been lovely this week and we have taken advantage of this. The children made an obstacle course and showed lovely balance and coordination.....

...and carefully negotiated their way around the playground.

Some children enjoyed rolling balls down the bank to see how far they would travel....

...as well as making a fantastic aeroplane to take them on an adventure.

Again some great balancing!

This week we have also been doing self portraits and the children have carefully looked at their facial features. They used collage material to make pictures of themselves.

I think you’ll agree, they are fab!