PHOTOS: Lowell Cardinals fall to Lincoln Mustangs by Seamus Geoghegan

The varsity boys football team was overwhelmed by the Lincoln Mustangs on Saturday, Oct. 26. During the first quarter, the Cardinals held their own, pushing into Lincoln's half, though unable to convert the yardage into anything substantial. Lincoln fought back, pushing all the way to Lowell's 15 yard line before the quarter ended 0-0. At the outset of the second quarter, Lincoln broke through Lowell's defense and scored a touchdown with a one point conversion, bringing the score to 0-7. The game continued with Lincoln dominating the play, ending the second quarter with a lead of 0-14. During the second half, Lowell struggled to stay in the game and kept losing possession. Lincoln took advantage of these prime opportunities, and the fourth quarter finished 0-35. The Cardinal's next game will be against the Galileo Buccaneers at home Friday Nov. 8.

Lincoln junior running back Ahleir Barnett bolts past Lowell's defensive line. Photo by Seamus Geoghegan
Left: Lowell sophomore quarterback Reese Miller aims down field. Right: Lowell sophomore quarterback Reese Miller tosses the ball to his running back. Photos by Seamus Geoghegan
Lowell running back Brennan Nguy advances through a tight Lincoln defensive line. Photo by Seamus Geoghegan
Lowell senior Michael Stamatopoulos stops the run of Lincoln senior corner back Luis Contreras. Photo by Seamus Geoghegan
Lowell senior defensive back Lam Li chases after Lincoln junior running back Karon Richards. Photo by Seamus Geoghegan