Cre8tive Expression Art By K.M.L

Paintings for sale.

If you're interested but don't see one that catches your eye, please let me know what your looking for and I'll create a painting using the details you give.

Wood frame canvases and flat canvases. Canvas sizes range. Each painting is painted with acrylic paint and sprayed with clear gloss.

I STARTED PAINTING IN APRIL 2014 😀 MY GOOD FRIEND MELISSA ASKED ME TO COME PAINT WITH HER AND I HAVE BEEN PAINTING SINCE. Picture above is my first painting and what started my passion for painting. The paintings below are not in order from when I stared to paint.

End of 2014

January 2015

Same painting
October 2015
Marble style
The black and gold painting has different faces.

I will be adding more paintings to the slide show when they are complete.

Sold & Gifted paintings

My first sold paintings
Sold & Gifted
Sold & Gifted
Sold & Gifted
Sold & Gift
Pomo teachers
Pomo teachers
Emily's birthday gift
Matching best friend paintings
Thank you for checking out my Cre8tive Expression Art Paintings and please let me know if you have any questions.
Created By
Kristal Lowrey

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