Consumer Simulation Alyssa welch

Wildlife biologist

Wildlife biologists study animals in a specific habitat, usually one animal is chosen to specialize in but some choose to study the effects of each species on each other.

I have always had a fascination with wolves so I thought about studying them and learning everything I could about them.

Pay - $28 per hr, $1,120 per week, $59,680 per year

Required -

  • Bachelors degree
  • No training/prior experience


2017 Chevy volt Lt

Price : $33,220

  • I would buy the car, I would hate having to get used to a new car every 3-4 years
  • The vehicle would be mine
  • I can put as many miles on the car as I'd need
  • After 5 or so years the payments are done
  • I can modify the car if I wish to


I would most likely live near Yellowstone or in Minnesota near the international wolf center

  • I would purchase the home, again being able to own something and modify it if I needed to is an important factor for me.
  • I can own pets without having to pay the relator more

Average Monthly Budget

  1. Home payments
  2. Car payments
  3. Buying gas for the car
  4. Paying utilities (internet, water, heat)
  5. Phone bill
  6. Buying food
  7. Pet care (I'm obviously going to have at least one dog)

These payments would cost around $2,890 per month. This would leave around $1,590 every month.

Life Variables

I can't live without pets

Owning a dog and a cat would cost an extra 195 a month.

Taking care of another family member would only really affect the food cost.

With variables the monthly cost would be around $3,100 leaving around $1,380 each month.

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