36 Hours at Lake Powell By: Michael miller

Lake Powell is a reservoir on the Colorado River, it was built in 1963. Lake Powell's waters stretch a whopping 186 miles covering Utah, and Arizona.

What are some things to do?

Even though it's a lake in the middle of a desert, the cool water will always keep you refreshed. Every year my family from all over spend a week in Lake Powell and camp by the water. We enjoy going to Lake Powell as a family because we get to reconnect with our family we haven't seen in a while. Lake Powell is a common vacation spot because of it's vast blue waters. Anyone can have fun in Lake Powell even without a boat, their are many other things you can do such as paddle board, swim, and even fish.

Every year we set up shades by the water to keep cool. This was our camping spot, their was 52 of us in all. Most of us stayed on the beach but others rode back to the dock and stayed in Rv's.

Tubing is what we spend most of our time doing. Tubing with all your cousins is fun especially when you try pushing one another off. Tubing gets your adrenaline pumping, being pulled behind a boat while holding on for dear life because no one wants to fall off. Tubing is the easiest thing to do in my opinion because you pump up your tube and you take off from your camping spot. Tubing is fun till you get tossed off and skip across the water. Their are several ways to tube such as sitting down, laying down or you can stand if you want.

These are some of my cousins and I getting ready to go again after we fell off hitting a wave.

Cliff jumping is also another thing we will do towards the end of the trip. Cliff jumping is a fun way to face your fear of heights and plunging into the water. Many people Cliff jump at Lake Powell because of its tall canyon walls and deep waters. There are many locations that have ropes to help you out go the water. Every year we push one another to go higher and higher. Last trip we jumped of 75ft and next time we plan try over 100ft.

My cousin and I are jumping off a cliff

If you prefer to stay near shore like some of my family members you can set up a volleyball net. Playing volleyball in shallow water is fun because if you dive you don't have to worry about hurting yourself. My family is pretty competitive so its a fun way to play one another. We also will float in tubes and throw a football to each other, it's also super fun to dive for the ball.

Heres my uncle jumping up to block my cousins spike.

These are some activities my family and I enjoy doing and this should give you an idea of the endless things too do. Lake Powell will continue to be an annual trip for us!

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