Child Labor BY: CAMILO de leon

Exhaustion , permanent lung damage and sometimes death were consequences of child labor. Child labor in Victorian England was not uncommon.

  • Kids were put to work as young as three years old
  • Some chose to work to help support family
  • Others were forced to work by their parents

Chimney sweeps

  • going down caused elbows and arms to be scraped raw
  • falling down would caused death
  • getting stuck would caused death
  • constant breathing in of soot would cause irreversible lung damgage

Factory Acts of 1833

  • No child under 9 years of age could work
  • children ages 9-13 could work no longer than 9 hours
  • Children could not work nights
  • Four inspectors enforced these

In 1891 the Prevention of Child Cruelty was created and banned all child labor.


Created with images by PublicDomainArchive - "child labor boy carriage" • nalanoqui - "Crystal Sugar Factory, Chaska, Minnesota"" Childline India Foundation" "Reddit" "Victorian Children "

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