Pharmasists By: lexi moe

Let's face it. Medicine is part of most peoples daily lives. From anti- depressant's, to inuprofen, most people rely on these medications. Most people wonder, how does the country let people get medicine without a doctors consent. Technically, they don't. Doctors inform people called pharmasists to sell medications to patients.

Pharmasists dispence drugs and provide information about their use. Some pharmasists make or mix drugs to make a powder. Pharmasists review the accuracy of presciptions handed out. Pharmasists do not hand out street drugs such as marjuana or meth, insted they sell medications to help people become more happy and more healthy

Pharmasists have to order drugs, and medical supplies. They have to provide services to patients, and dispence drugs prescribed by doctors.

Some helpful highschool cources include anatomy, physiology, health education, intro to health care, and computer applications. They also have to be able to communicate information, and problem solve.

Many jobs have physical demans. Including this one! Pharmasists have to be able to see details. They also should be able to keep their hands steady, and speak clearly. Pharmasist should also have a high level of social contacts. Pharmacist always work indoors. Their work has to be exact because errors could cause seriouse harm to a patient. Pharmasists usually work fourty hours a week.

Pharmasists should go to four years of college for their PharmD degree, and recieve two years of normal college. They also have to go through exterm. This means that they go through different stages. Such as a drug store, then a hospital. They also have to go through an internship.

Now onto the money. The average yearly wage in minnesota is 127,080. The yearly wage in the united states is 121, 500. There are also benifets that are included with this job. Including paid vacation, sick leave and health insurrance. There are

So as you can see i would be a great pharmasist, and i would probably be the best one in the world. So, ya.


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