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Welcome to my portfolio! You will find graphic design and photography.

About Me

I am a senior at Clemson University majoring Graphic Communications with a minor in Business Administration. I have always had the desire to design and create things since I was a little girl. During the summers growing up, I remember always making crafts at home with my mom. We would paint, do “Do It Yourself” projects, and make anything that came to mind or found in a magazine. I remember for fun I would design PowerPoint presentations about things I was passionate about. I would also design covers for my binders during school to make my school supplies prettier. During high school I took a Desktop Publishing class at the Career Center that helped me make my decision to study graphics at Clemson.

One thing I really love about this major is the opportunities through internships. During my internships I was able to gain more knowledge about the Adobe software’s and learn more about concepts of design. During my first internship I was the only intern, so I got a lot of one on one time with mentor, who taught me a lot. I love being able to design something and watch it become a reality, whether it’s through designing a t-shirt that gets printed or a logo that gets chosen for a company. Being able to "color the world"​ with design is something I want to do when I graduate.

After graduation this May, I hope get a job as a graphic designer. I believe that my passion for design and creating will take me far in my career, along with my determination. I hope to gain more knowledge about design even after I graduate from Clemson University.

Thanks for checking out my portfolio! I really love designing! Feel free to contact me for inquiries.

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