4B-Elephants Why the wonderr of this woRld is disapearinG

What are Elephants?

Their are two main elephants spieces: the African elephant and the Asian elephant. These creatures are very strong and beautiful. The African Elephants have a long trunk,grey skin and big ears. The Asian elephant is redish grey, and have smaller ears. What they both have are big, long tusks made of ivory. But both animal spieces have an amazing imagination.

The African elephant

The African elephant is a very important animal to the flora and fauna. Also, this clever animal stamp down trees for other animals to survive. They live here in Kongo, Simbabwe, South Africa and Botswana. But sadly these beautiful animals are at the brink of extinction.

The Cause

The main cause of african elephants to disappear is: Poaching. The people who kill elephants are called poachers. These people kill animals illegally. In this case: Elephants. They kill the elephants only for their tusks which are actually very large teeth.

This is a dead elephant

How we can help

  1. Do not buy ivory products
  2. Donate to WWF or other foundations.
  3. Buy elephant friendly products (coffee, wood and meat).
  4. Support elephant conservations, funds and elephant research project.

Where elephants live:

"I feel like we are failing the elephants. They are our living dinosaurs, the Romance of an bygone era"

Quoted by: Mike Chase, ecologist and founder of elephants without border.


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