Samuel Tomp 2016 Portfolio

Anti-Smoking Ad

I created this client piece for a local film class. They were filming a movie about the dangers of smoking and needed an anti-smoking poster. I created this final piece in Adobe Illustrator. This piece was really challenging because I wanted the cigarette character to be completely original, so I drew it by hand from scratch. I learned a lot about gradient shading and taught myself to go out of my comfort zone and try new techniques to get more original and creative artwork.


This logo was created for a local city college photography event. The event coordinators wanted a piece that was "modern" and "clean," so I tried creating a minimalist style logo. I used Adobe Illustrator to create the abstract camera and added in the words in Adobe InDesign. I had to use a complex system of overlapping shapes coupled with the shape builder tool to create the main camera part of the logo.

Rights in Love

I created this poster as a symbol for the support of same-sex marriage. This was made for which is an organization that has an annual graphic design contest. The theme this year was gay rights. I made the final design in Adobe Illustrator, however I started the design process in a sketchbook. I scanned in the heart design which allowed me to then copy the cracks from the drawing.

Author Logo

My mom is an author and she was looking for a new logo. Basing my thought process off of this idea, I tried to create a logo that conveyed story-telling into a graphic. I used a stock photo for the open book and then had words coming out of the page to look like a story that came to life. I used Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign all together to create this final image.

Chalkboard Lettering

This piece was designed to mimic the look of a hand-lettered chalk sign. I initially drew out the words on paper and then scanned it into the computer to clean it up and finished the effect. I added in a chalkboard background and inverted the image to create the white chalk effect. The image was made using both Illustrator and Photoshop. I had to create a custom pattern for the inside of the letters of "remembered" and "rules" and that was my first time experimenting with that.


Using the school studio, I had a photoshoot with a fellow schoolmate. I personally had to set up the lighting and I used a three-light set up. One was used as a highlight on the left side of her face, a second used as a fill on the right and finally the third was a fill light on the background. After shooting, I edited these pictures in Adobe Lightroom.

Low Poly Jaws Poster

I wanted to experiment with some graphic design that was a little more trendy and out of the norm. I recreated the iconic Jaws movie poster. I split up the shark and the swimmer into different color groups and in those groups I made triangles. This had the effect of a "low-poly" look and I was really happy with the effect. I made this in Adobe Photoshop and I learned a lot about color shading and gradients.

Minimalist Line art

The recent trend with a lot of design is a minimalist type feel. I wanted to make something really detailed, like the head of an animal, and make it as abstract and and minimal as possible. By making outlines with different thicknesses of lines, I think I achieved a really cool effect. This idea of simplifying complex images into a simple abstract design is something I use a lot in my design process.

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