Children & Me By: Nicole Grames

I remember many family memories because I spent a majority of my childhood doing different things with my family. For example, I will always remember going to Disney every year for a family vacation. In addition, I remember my friends and classes that I enjoyed throughout elementary school. Additionally, I remember driving all the way to Wisconsin to get my dog, Oreo.

Some of the best childhood memories I have are from my family vacations (Walt Disney World) and softball career. I vividly remember my family vacations with my grandparents because the only time I went to Disney with my grandparents was my sister's first trip. In addition, I have many memories that relate to softball success. For example, I remember getting my first MVP medal at Rockford in 2010. Additionally, I remember many all-star games that I had made big plays in the game.

A few of my childhood favorites are...

  • TV Show: Hannah Montana
  • Movie: High School Musical
  • Book: Junie B. Jones
  • Sport: Softball & Volleyball
  • Game: Clue
  • Color: Pink

Childhood is crucial (explanation): One's childhood is extremely important because your childhood helps shape who you are as a person. For example, one's childhood helps shape their personality and who they are as a person. Additionally, one's childhood decides what the child has interest in later in life. For example, if a child has a childhood filled of sports, when they grow up they will most likely not like drawing and painting.

Previous generations of doctors, psychologists, and therapists have studied childhood and children to help understand the new generations. Children now have a lot different experiences and childhoods compared to previous generations, so previous generations of professionals want to be able to learn from these new generations and see how the generations have changed.

Why do I want to take child development? I signed up to take child development for multiple reasons. First of all, I believe what I learn from the class will help me understand and interact with the kids I babysit. However, the main reason I signed up for this class is to help prepare me for the future for when I have kids of my own. I want to be able to interact and understand my kids as much as possible.

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