Bitsbox Coding

If you want to try coding with your students, try out Bitsbox! With this free online app, students can learn how to code, while making fun games. There is no need to login, just go to the website and click on the "Build APPS NOW" to get started.

Once they login and click on "BUILD APPS NOW" the student will see a "Pie" on a tablet screen. Click on the "Pie" to get started.


Type the code exactly as seen on the page.


To save and share the finished app, click on the share button on the top left.


These apps can play on computers, chromebooks, tablets and phones. Watch below how to create Dancin Hal

After completing your first app, click "Home". To build a second app, click on "New App".

Students can share their apps with each other and with their teacher. They can also create their own apps.

To find more options for building games click on the option button. Here you will find many different stamps, sounds and commands.

Stamps, Colors, Sounds and Commands

For teachers to learn more about Bitsbox and how to use it go to "Hour of Code Educators Page".

Hour of Code Educators Page

To get started go to "Hour of Code 2016 - Bitsbox". Students will enjoy using Bitsbox and learning about coding.

Hour of Code 2016 Bitsbox