Cats By Gabriele A. Foley


Cats are adorable.

A dog has his day. A cat has 365.

This is a stuffie named Sarah. She is a cat stuffie.

And another cat. Cats are relatives to tigers, so you will see the the eyes and nose are quite similar on a cat and a tiger.

Kittens are wide-eyed, soft and sweet, with needles in their jaws and feet.—Pam Brown

Cats are cute, but watch out for their jaws and paws!

This cat looks like someone eated its cookie. Uh-oh…


What? This cat is very surprised!

Here kitty kitty! Cats, although adorable, are impossible to herd, because they DONT LIKE BEING HERDED!

Baby cats like their mamas, like human babies like their mamas. Almost everything is the same between human and cat babies...

...except cats have very visible fur, unlike humans.

Gimme your hand! Cats are very friendly and, if befriended, are loving.

Bye! See you soon!


Created with images by edofs1 - "cat fold view" • London looks - "Kittens!" • Pexels - "adorable animal cat" • SimonaR - "cat eyes view" • catbadger - "kitten querulous curious" • - "Post-Bath Kittens" • cortto - "do not ever call me cute pussy" • Alexas_Fotos - "cat red cute" • frankieleon - "rock a-bye baby"

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