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PSSA Spirit Days

Wednesday 5/1 - Wear Purple

Thursday 5/2 - Asa Packer Wear (Blue and White)

Asa Packer Scholarship

The Asa Packer faculty and staff are proud to offer one $500 scholarship each school year to a graduating senior from Freedom High School or Liberty High School. Specific scholarship criteria and detailed information can be found on the application located on The Foundation for the Bethlehem Area School District website. Completed applications and accompanying documentation must be received at Asa Packer Elementary School by the last day in April.

Kindergarten Welcome Day

May 15th is Kindergarten Welcoming Day for all incoming Kindergarten students. Please note that there are NO KINDERGARTEN classes on this day.


Art and Library Behavior Awards and BASD Breakfast Poster Winner!

PTA Post

Book Fair!

Read Across America

By: Zoe T. and Olivia R.

Students at Asa celebrated Read Across America week during the first full week of March. During this week, each day had a theme related to a famous Dr. Suess book. We celebrate each year to encourage everyone to enjoy a good book! This year Monday’s book was "The Sleep Book." That meant we can wear pajamas or comfy clothes, (which had to get rescheduled because of a snow day!). Tuesday’s book was "I Can Read With My Eyes Shut." Students wore a shirt that could be read. Wednesday’s book was "Wacky Wednesday." That meant that we got to wear wacky clothing, wacky hair-dos, etc. Thursday´s book was "Fox in Socks". So, we got to wear fun or crazy socks. Finally, Friday´s book was "Cat In the Hat." That meant that we got to wear our hats. We hope you enjoyed a good book and celebrated reading!!

BAPL Hosts Sarah Aronson

By: Aiden K. and Jude G.

On April 12th, the 2nd and 3rd grade students took a trip to the Bethlehem Area Public Library, since they hosted author, Sarah Aronson. She read us her newest book, "Just Like Rube Goldberg," who was an "inventor" who made silly ways to do simple tasks. She also shared with us how a book is created, from the ideas all the way through publishing. Thank you to all the people at the BAPL for having us!

Nitschmann Visit

By: Leyna J.

On Wednesday April 5th, Asa Packer’s fifth graders took a field trip to Nitschmann Middle School to find out what it’s like. We spent almost all day there, so we were able to walk around the building and participate in sixth grade classes. There was an assembly, and fifth grade even got to taste some of the delicious lunch served at the school. We had a great time learning, exploring, and meeting new friends! Thank you, Nitschmann!

Kellyn Foundation

By: Nurbanu C. and Rebecca D.

The Kellyn Foundation came to the third and fourth grade classes on Friday, March 1st 2019. They talked about what foods were bad for your body and what foods were good for your body by comparing the foods to a traffic light. For example, Lucky Charms is a red food because it has a lot of sugar. Apples are a green food because they are healthy. Fourth graders went outside to the garden and planted lettuce. The third graders also got to plant some tomatoes and peppers, which are growing in their classrooms now. The volunteers will return in May to check on the lettuce and plant the tomatoes and peppers in the garden with us!

PSSA Recap

By: Mckinzie L.

The PSSA testing started April 15, 2019. The grades that test are 3rd,4th, and 5th.The first tests were ELA, which stands for English Language Arts. The second set of tests is math which were on April 29th and 30th. The third test is Science, but only the 4th graders do it. They take them on May 1st and May 2nd. We also wore different colors each day during the PSSAs as a way to show school spirit. The kindergarten, first, and second grade classes colored nice notes and gave us small gifts like mints and erasers to encourage us. Finish strong 4th graders!

Specialists' Scoop

Digital Literacy

The 3rd quarter was a busy time for students in Digital Literacy Class! K-3 Studied the Caldecott Medal. They learned about the functions of illustrations, heard & responded to illustrative stories. 4th-5th studied the Newbery Medal- critically listening to & responding to award winning authors. Schoolwide K-5 students studied Dr. Seuss's for Read Across America Day. K-5 students applied their text evaluation skills and consumer math skills to shop at the Scholastic Book Fair.

K- studied author & illustrator Pat Hutchins. They listened to stories like Rosie's Walk, The Doorbell Rang, and Don't Forget the Bacon to learn about problem solving and awareness. Students also learned about internet safety and about personal information.

1st- studied author & illustrator Ann Jonas, learning to make visual inferences in illustrations. Stories included: Round Trip, The 13th Clue, The Trek, & The Quilt. Students learned about internet safety and how to discriminate between personal and private information.

2nd- studied author Patricia Polacco's culturally rich-life and how she turned her experiences into stories. Students learned about bravery, overcoming reading difficulties, and meteors through her stories. Stories included: Thundercake, Some Birthday, and Rechenka's Eggs. Students learned about internet safety and what an on-line community is.

3rd grade- Researched topics on World Book Online & created a research paper using Google Docs. Students studied award winning author, Beverly Cleary (who happened to turn 103 on April 12th!), various genres by Cleary, as well as book talks about her series about Ramona Quimby, Ralph S. Mouse, as well as her Newbery winning, Dear Mr. Henshaw. Students created 3 Google slides to respond to the author study. 3rd grade also learned about basic circuitry, applying their problem solving skills to online puzzles. They created projects like radios, flying propellers, musical instruments, cars, robots & electronic games using Snap circuits, Makey Makey, & circuitry sets.

4th Grade researched modern authors on World Book Online & created a research paper using Google Doc with an emphasis placed on citing sources. Students were required to create a bibliography. Students presented their research digitally by using Flipgrid. Students studied author, Judy Blume, various genres by Blume, as well as book talks about her series about Fudge, & Sheila the Great. 4th grade created a Judy Blume slide to respond to the author study. Students learned robotic coding with Ozobot, and transferring their skills online with Blockly coding.

5th Grade researched classic authors on World Book Online & created a research paper using Google Docs with an emphasis placed on citing sources. Students were required to create a bibliography. Students studied author, Jon Scieszka, various genres, as well as his books The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs, Science Verse, & Math Curse. 5th grade created a Jon Scieszka slide to respond to the author study. Students learned robotic coding with Dash. Students had the opportunity to use Blockly coding to give commands to their Dash robots.

*Special project: All 5th graders are learning about on-line etiquette and internet safety through the collaborative efforts of their teachers, Ms. Birster, & I. Students will be creating a ceiling tile with a positive digital footprint slogan.


During the 3rd quarter Spanish classes, students continued to practice El Tiempo - weather. 3rd-5th graders wrapped up the unit with a weather forecast (en español) of a Spanish-speaking country. Then we moved onto La Ropa - Clothing. ¿Qué llevas hoy? Students learned several clothing items and created original pictures with labels to demonstrate their knowledge. We wrapped up the 3rd quarter with El Cuerpo - the body. Students are learning the body parts through many songs and games!

"Bach" To Schools

By: Lily D.

The third grade classes went on a field trip to see the Bach choir perform at Broughal Middle School. Students had learned about Bach and his music during music class. Before the performance started third grade classes from around the district got asked questions about Bach. They then got to hear many songs written by Bach, performed by the group. It was so amazing! The music was great! I think that you should go to see and hear the Bach choir.

Game Night

By: Aiden K. and Jude G.

Game night is an event at Asa Packer where you can share your favorite game with other students and their families. You don't even need to just play your own game! You can learn to play other new games brought by other families. Mrs. Foster even made popcorn! If you didn't make it to game night, please try to go next year. It's a great time!

ST. Patrick's Day

By: Hajin C. and Diya R.

On the 15th of March, Asa celebrated St. Patrick’s Day, with the Irish Step Dancers from O'Grady Quinlan who came to our school to dance for us. The Irish step dancers danced to many different songs. They did spectacular dances. They also did a dance without music! They just used their shoes to make the music. Some of them were even former Asa Packer students! Everyone cheered along. It was so much fun!

Muffins With Mom

By: Diya R. and Emerson D.

On March 14th and 21st, 2019 the Primary and Intermediate wings had their Muffins with Mom. Muffins with Mom and Donuts with Dad are really similar. The difference is that instead of bringing your dad you bring your mom, and instead of eating donuts you eat muffins. There are many different muffins and drinks for everyone. We all had a good time having breakfast with our moms and our friends!

Career Day

By: Addie G. and Ella S.

On March 29th, Asa Packer opened it's doors to nearly 25 community members to share their careers with our students! Mrs. Sherman, a fifth grade teacher, helped to organize our career day this year. She helps out because she says, “It is important for kids to know what the adults are doing while they are at school.” She says, ”My favorite part of Career day is seeing how much fun all of the students are having.” A team of teachers helped reach out to parents and community members to invite them to present to our students. She says, “We set up rooms, a snack table in the lobby, and a schedule of presentations.” Some presenters included students from the Bethlehem Area Vo-Tech, nurses, an insurance agent, a mechanic, small business owners, data analysts, and financial advisers, just to name a few. We asked her if she thinks she would do it again, and she replied, “Absolutely! I am really looking forward to it, too!” We want to thank all of the people on the career committee! It was so much fun. Another special thanks to all of the presenters! We can't wait until next year!

Primary Program @ Phantoms

By: Jude G., Aiden K. and Lily D.

On Sunday March 10th, Primary Program was invited to perform “God Bless America” at the Lehigh Valley Phantoms game. Students practiced for weeks before the performance. On the day of the game, the performers got to draw and listen to a story. They learned a few hockey facts. Melvin was there and we got to meet players! After we sang on the ice, we got to find our parents and watch the game. Sadly, they lost. But, it was an awesome day!

Talent Show

By: Blake J.

Every year, the students of Asa Packer get to perform in the talent show. Some students sign up and get to show off their amazing talents to the students and parents. This year, the talent show was on April 5th. If you came, you got to see many talents like music, art, magic, dance, and comedy. I hope you enjoyed the show. Great job to all the performers!!

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