A Day in Trinity County Rafting, historic Weaverville, a Chinese temple, and more!

Photo Credit: Rob Crenson

With the Trinity Alps as backdrop, you won't find a more beautiful place to spend a day then Trinity County. We've put together some of our favorite activities to give you a day full of the best the region has to offer - explore a state park, discover the gold rush history of the region, and have the experience of a lifetime on the Trinity River!

Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park

Start your day out at Weaverville Joss House State Historic Park, the oldest continuously used Chinese temple in California. On display are art objects, pictures, mining tools, and weapons used in the 1854 Tong War. This Taoist temple is still a place of worship and is a fascinating look into the role played by Chinese immigrants in early California history.

Background Photo Credit: Rob Crenson


Photo Credit: Rob Crenson

After you've explored the Joss House head in to Weaverville – this historic town still features buildings from the gold rush! While today they’re populated with museums, shops, and antique stores, walking down Weaverville’s main street will still have you feeling like you’ve stepped back in time. Make sure to grab lunch while you're there - with a variety of locally-run restaurants and cafes, there's something to satisfy every pallet!

Trinity River Rafting

Photo Credit: Rob Crenson

Time to hit the river! Explore the Trinity River with the Trinity River Rafting company. With routes for everyone from the newest beginner to the most seasoned white-water thrill seeker, you're guaranteed to a have a fabulous time - and the scenery is second to none!

Photos courtesy of Strawhouse Resorts & Cafe

End your day at Strawhouse Resorts & Cafe - with an organic menu that changes seasonally, and gorgeous views of the Trinity River, there's always something to please. They also have a variety of lodging options - from cottages to a yurt - so you'll have the perfect place to relax after your amazing Trinity day!

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