Police Brutality A renewal in violence


Discrimination: Treating people differently different due to what race they are.

Civil Rights: refer to the collective rights and freedoms given to citizens

Racism: ​Hate for someone that is a different race or culture.

Violence: A use of physical force towards someone

Racial bias: Is when you like one race better than another

Police brutality: Unnecessary force by police

Why did President Lyndon Johnson recommend that the psychological evaluation should be in the hiring guide for police officers?

In 1967 President Johnson recommended that people who are planning to become police officers have to take a psychological personality test. Even today some states are required to take the psychological personality test to become a police officer. According to Truthout reporter Candice Bernd explains, “The point behind such psychological evaluations isn't solely to determine whether an applicant has a diagnosable mental disorder, but also to flag potential recruits whose personality types and behavior are unsuited to a job.” This shows what the hiring committee are looking for. There looking for candidates whose personality type suit the requirements to become a police officer. According to ThinkProgess reporter Nicole Flatow explains, “However, the use of evaluations didn’t become widespread by police applicants until the public’s reaction to the Rodney King incident in 1991. This pivotal incident caused police departments to respond by requiring evaluations to reduce the rising costs of litigation linked to police brutality charges”. The Rodney King event compelled police department to start using the psychology evaluation in the hiring guide. Therefore, this event encouraged police department to it to recruit qualified police officers. Police departments have different ways of dealing with unqualified police officers and the psychological evaluation was made to see if police officers were meant to become a cop. Police body cameras changes the way police officers act towards civilians. In the future our former president wants to invest money into police body cameras.

Why did our former president Barack Obama want to invest a lot of money in police forces and their training? After his meeting with the law enforcement President Barack Obama wanted to plan to build trust between civilians and police in light of events in Ferguson. Throughout the year people were struggling to stop police brutality but president Barack Obama found a solution to prevent it. According to the article “What Obama Says He'll Do About Police Brutality” explains, “Obama wants to invest in funding and training for police officers. This includes introducing community policing measures and 50,000 body-worn cameras” (Borgada). Former president Obama was very serious about stopping police brutality. He planned on invest thousands of dollars on body cameras to protect innocent civilians. Obama focused on to providing body worn cameras in local police departments so he’s investing thousands of dollars to do that. According to the article “Obama to provide funding for 50,000 police body cameras” explains, “The $263 million for cameras and training would be used by the federal government to match up to 50 percent spending by state and local police departments on body-worn cameras and storage for the equipment”(Sink). President Donald Trump is funding to help purchase police departments get body worn cameras. Both Presidents Obama and Trump are paying thousands of dollars for police body cameras to insure the safety of innocent people from police brutality.

Why are a lot of innocent people dying due to police brutality? Researchers found that black people are more likely than white people to be unarmed when killed during encounters with police. Police officer would make up excuses for killing innocent people. According to the article “This is how many people police have killed so far in 2016” explains, “The year isn’t over yet, and police have already killed at least 1,023 people — many of whom were unarmed, mentally ill, and people of color” (Calacal). Many of the people who were killed by police are from minority group. Hate crime act currently only targets a group of race, religious connection, national origin, and sexual orientation. Police officers use any kind of of force towards a group of people .According to the article “What Causes Police Brutality” explains, “Police brutality and excessive use of force is tied to the trend of militarization. Instead of viewing citizens as people to “protect and serve,” police have increasingly treated their communities as war zones and citizens as adversaries” (Whalen). Police officers treat African Americans as their enemies instead of actually people. They use any kind of force towards a certain group of people Because Police officers target a certain group of people, having Body cameras on police officers can change the use focus incidents and complaints towards police officers.

Why are African-American residents and for all people of color who are being targets disproportionate of police violence? Researches found police officers were pressured by the city government to boost as much earning as possible by ticketing residents. Since cops are most active in neighborhoods that are especially blacks, these citizen are targeted dreadfully. Racial discrimination is a big problem when it comes to police brutality. Police officers are pressured to earn more money by giving out more tickets. Blacks are targeted because of their race when it comes to police brutality. According to the article “The Reality of Racial Profiling” explains, “The Arizona study also shows that racial profiling is counterproductive and a misallocation of scarce law enforcement resources. Although Native Americans, Hispanics, Middle Easterners, and Asians were far more likely to be stopped and searched than Whites on Arizona's highways, Whites who were searched were more likely to be transporting drugs, guns, or other contraband.” While African Americans were twice as likely as Whites to be stopped and searched, the rates of contraband seizures for the two groups were comparable” (The leadership Conference). Racial minorities groups are most likely to get stopped and searched by police than Native Americans and Asians. Whites have a greater risk of getting stopped and likely to be transporting drugs and guns. According to the article “What the data really says about police and racial bias” explains, “African-Americans are far more likely than whites and other groups to be the victims of use of force by the police, even when racial disparities in crime are taken into account” (Makarechi). There are more African Americans in prison than whites. They're more likely to victims of police violence than any other race. African Americans communities are greater at risk when it comes to police brutality. Police officers majority of the time attack racial minorities group. Therefore, having body cameras can change the way police officers interact with African American citizens and all people of color.

Does having body cameras on police officers change their behavior and violence towards innocent people? Use of force and civilian complaints fell dramatically when officers and civilians knew they were being recorded. Therefore, if police officer use body cameras it will decrease the amount of violence towards civilians and police officers would stop. Body-worn cameras could be used by supervisors to look for evidence used to discipline officers. According to the article “First Study to Show Police Leaders’ Thoughts on Body Cameras” explains, “The use of force and police behavior continues to be a prominent topic in the media. Several recent high-profile incidents involving police use of deadly force have resulted in increased scrutiny of officer behavior and police-community relations by the media, policy-makers, civil rights groups, and academics, leading to nationwide interest in police-worn body cameras to increase transparency and accountability" (Galoustian). Some people believe police body cameras can increase the amount violence that police officers are using. Police officers make sure not to break the rules while there getting recorded so this insures the safety of the civilians. Body worn cameras change police behavior and actions. According to the article “Study Shows Less Violence, Fewer Complaints When Cops Wear Body Cameras” explains, “Many officers reported that the equipment changed citizen behavior and helped to de-escalate confrontations between civilians and police. They also said body cameras improved evidence collection, and helped them more accurately recollect events and fill out reports”(Wing). Body worn cameras changes the way police officers act it helps collect evidence in a crime scene. Police body cameras change the way police officers act towards people. If police officers have body cameras, it would stop the cause of police brutality.

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