A Farewell Letter to my Friends as my lease ends and we move totally to online Thank you So Cal, you are the best

Leanne Herrera Founder and Creator of Zama Tea and Kombucha in Old Town Tustin

You can find us now totally on line at www.Zamatea.com. We have our delicious teas and all the home brewing kombucha support you need. You can also reach me at info@zamatea.com for all of your tea, herb, CBD and kombucha brewing questions.

To my dear loyal friends who have been customers and customers who have become dear loyal friends:

As my journey in Tustin comes to an end, it leaves me with so much to take in, think about and to be grateful for. My staff has been incredible. They will always be a part of my life. In my heart they will always be my kiddos and with them at my side, we have created a place where so many people have come to relax, meet up with an old friends, make new ones and celebrate what’s going on in their lives.

My amazing staff

Sometimes we needed to pray that God be gracious and then and sometimes we got to dance because He was. We have been a place of healing for some. And for some, just a place where you came in to drink a delicious Kombucha or Tea and plan your next workday or play day. Zama has been home to community fundraisers, Citizen Academy outings, City Council Member’s lunches, The Red Hat Society annual lunch, books being read to children by local customers, yoga classes, birthday parties, mom groups, Meet up groups, baby showers, etc. We have accomplished our Mission Statement in that we have helped many to seek out their wellness path as they re-evaluated what really is important in their lives by looking for purpose and a connection as we built a greater sense of community together. We have inspired our community to make positive changes, to be good to themselves and also do good in the world. We have stood side by side many a time with non-profits for the greater good of our little world. We have joined other businesses and business owners to bring nourishment in the hardest of times to the frontline workers and first responders. We have raised money to help supply food and necessary clothing for our local homeless. We are proud of what Zama Tea has stood for and has done for and with our friends. We loved our busy crazy days. They are what kept us young.

Some of our greatest moments at Zama with some of our newest bestest friends.

Old Town is a community that is very close, its people are responsible, accommodating and the real deal. Old Town is a community that taught us how to be humble and grow and mature into a place that could be trusted and nurturing. My time on the Tustin Chamber Board taught me what teamwork is and what it could do for the greater good of the community. We have loved every minute we have been here. Being named Best Kept Secret in 2017 and Business of the year in 2019 validated our desires to be the best we could be which just made us work harder to be worthy of such an honor.

As my lease is up, My heart knows my mission here is complete and I am ready to move on to the next adventure that quite possibly could take me out of state to share important time with my own children as they truly are becoming amazing people in their own lives. My daughter is beautiful not only on the outside but her heart is so big and she has become so accomplished, a force that is making an impact in the world. My son is just completing 8 years in the Army, the last four being in Special Ops. His last deployment which he spent in a foreign country during the hardest part of COVID, just ended. It turned out to be a huge humanitarian mission. He has always been such a giver and now he is moving on to grad school in Colorado. I am so very proud of my children. I miss them terribly. While they were not always physically involved in the business, they were my support team, my sounding board, and most of all my encouragement along with my husband who gave so much to this incredible adventure. Thank you to my kids and husband as I would have never made it this far without them. To look back and feel so good about what we all worked so hard on, is everything. We are anticipating an out of state move with my husband’s job which would bring me physically closer to my kids and I am excited to see what is next. What trouble I can get into and what powerful purposely driven business can I come up with next? I love adventures. We are giving up our spot in Old Town to bring in a wonderful couple who is expanding their kombucha business and they are so excited to keep the taps flowing with health and goodness for the Tustin Community. I trust you will welcome them as you have me.

My Family is Everything to me

I have been so very lucky to have had such an amazing landlord and her family who have been extremely generous and I leave them knowing they will always feel like family. The community in which I have been enveloped in, is undeniably loyal, supportive and inspiring. I have made friends for life. And for that I am truly blessed. I will take your zest for life, your smiles and your unforgettable faces with me dear So Cal, wherever I go. I will never forget you, the special people of Southern California who have blessed me, loved me and helped me these past nine years.

This chapter of my book that is ending has seen me through my hardest days of battling Sarcoid. Days that were difficult for me to get out of bed, make the 90 minute drive into Tustin and work all day making Kombucha, blending teas and herbs, training my staff, and then drive home another 90 minutes. But because of you, I have never given up. The battle is far from over, but I will continue to feel your love and all of the healing, the laughter, the tears, the joys, the accomplishments that you have given me. You have given me so much. You will never know how much of an impact you have made on my life. My customers have been so very wonderful and I will truly miss you.

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Than you for everything. You will always be in my heart. Your smiling faces will be what helps me through this transition. I will miss you all dearly. I love you and God Bless you forever.

Zama Tea and Kombucha Out

We love you and thank you from the bottoms of our hearts.


all pictures were taken by Zama Tea and Kombucha