NBJH Presents 'Lion King Jr.'

Probably every member of the audience who attends “Lion King Jr.” at Northbrook Junior High this weekend knows the story, which makes the production all the more entertaining. It’s fun hear the songs again – and our own students’ interpretation and presentation of them.

There is a common experience among every cast and crew member, too. It is the teamwork involved in putting on a production. The opportunity to be together and create something leaves a lasting impression.

“It’s all about teamwork and camaraderie,” said Music Director Anca Apetean. “They are owning every step they take on the stage. As soon as the lights are on and they are in position, (the directors) are done. It’s all on them. If they get into a mess, they have to get themselves out. Hopefully that is a lesson they will take with them to high school and beyond.”

“I like the amount of enthusiasm everyone gives each other,” said Elise Gan, a member of the makeup crew.

“I like how supportive everyone is of one another. If you miss a cue, someone will help you,” said Leah Goldberg who plays Sarabi the Lioness.

For some performers, they are accustomed to the stage and relaxed, like Andrew Frese, who plays Simba. For him, the challenge is singing two songs that are completely opposite, one with high notes and the other in a much lower vocal range.

“It’s really fun to hang out with your friends,” Andrew said. “I’m really relaxed about it.”

Charley Jones, who plays Scar, said he spent a lot of time watching the movie and studying the voice actor, Jeremy Irons, to perfect his role.

“I tried to mimic his voice and his expressions,” Charley said. A member of chorus and a cappella choir, this is his first role in a musical. “I always kinda wanted to be in it but didn’t think I could. Mostly, I was not brave enough to try it. But when I did, I really enjoyed it. I think everyone should try it, or something like it.”

“Just to see them grow in confidence and to be more comfortable in their own skin. There is no better job in the world,” said Drama Director David Downing.

Many thanks to the students and staff who worked behind the scenes to make the production possible.

The faculty have a little fun on pride rock....Thanks for all you do, Martha Beall, Wendy Concklin, David Downing, Anca Apetean, Lisa Peyrot, Jen Wahl and Stephanie Linton!


Photos and story by Terry Ryan, Communications Director

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