A Trip Through India By: Kayla ermish

The Indus valley is a river in Pakistan. Around 5500 BCE. People build farming settlements around it. There is many mountains surrounding the river and it connects to the Arabia sea.The river helped people fertilize their crops for food to survive. Today it helps us learn more about what they used the river for.

The Ganges is a river that extends over Nepal and Bangladesh. The river is a total of 1,086,000 kilometers longs. It's close to the Himalaya mountains and catches a lot of glaciers. The density is great for surviving people from ancient time and now.

Harappa in an ancient city in Pakinstan next to the ancient valley river. It had highly developed technology and well built buildings. This old city was important for protecting people in harsh weather and take care of their every day lifes. Now days it gives us proof that they knew how to make new things and provides us with information on how they survived.

This is a Brihadishvara temple. It is in Thanjavur and is a very detailed temple. It is a Granite temple and is very tall. The details on it is very beautiful and people love looking at it. This temple was an architectural structure for people back then. It meant a lot to them them and now days we still admire it.

The Sanchi Stupa is a temple North east of Bhopal. It's a stone dome chamber and holds lots of statues people built long ago. It was important because it kept hold of all their valuables. Now days it's a museum and lots of people visit to see the master pieces they made.

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