Character By Laura Henne

What does a good character look like to you?

I think that a good character demonstrates of of the following characteristics: loyalty, respect, trust, and responsibility. Loyalty is one of the most important things to follow in one's life. Showing loyalty to friends and family shows that you both value and cherish the friendship and bond that you have with those people. Respect is another aspect of being a good character. Showing and giving respect is important in someone's life, and should never be taken for granted. With responsibility, comes respect. Being able to trust someone no matter what they do means a lot. Showing all four of those characteristics demonstrates a good character.

Which of the good character traits do you think holds the most value?

The good character traits that I think hold the most value in life are respect and trust. To be a "good" character, you have to have both respect for yourself and others. I think it's very important to carry out respect in one's life in order to be or eventually become a good character. Having respect shows how you view, feel, and treat someone. Having respect for yourself shows that you have positive feeling for yourself(self image) and how you view others in your life.

Another good character trait that I think holds the most value is trust. Being able to trust someone in a time of need is one of the most important values and characteristics in life. Having trust in both yourself and others turns out to be one of the biggest life lessons you can learn. Being able to trust others and yourself will help build up a good character.

You need to trust the people closest to you. If someone is a bad influence in your life, then you know you can't trust and depend on them for moral support. Breaking someone's trust is also very devastating to experience.

For example: Let's just say a friend starts to drink and do drugs. I would be unable to trust that someone anymore, even if I didn't want to.


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