The Florida Museum of Natural History by nastassja luna

Nature on Display

Blue Morpho Butterflies

The butterfly exhibit was quite enjoyable and particularly appealing because it helped to visually capture the beauty, complexity, and variety of these insects. The walls of the exhibit were adorned with several species of butterflies and even featured a section where you can view soon-to-be butterflies from inside of their chrysalises. Through this medium I was able to examine nature in a more visual and interactive manner, rather than solely reading about the subject and looking at photos.

Nature and Ethics

From left to right: Evolution of Life and Land exhibit, Butterfly Rainforest, Me outside of the museum

Naturally, humans tend to view themselves as more superior organisms and seek power over land that is not truly theirs to begin with. Despite this, the exhibits within the museum allow its spectators to examine themselves introspectively in a way that places humans and other entities on the same level, rather than placing ourselves at the peak of an arbitrary hierarchy. While in the Butterfly Rainforest of the museum, we are able to directly connect with elements of nature by surrounding ourselves completely with natural elements, such as flowering plants, butterflies, and the outdoor atmosphere. As Leopold imagined, I felt as though I held an ethical responsibility to preserve and protect the land on which we live because it is not ours to destroy, instead we must find a way to coexist peacefully with nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit

Above: Entering the Butterfly Rainforest

The Natural History Museum allowed me to step out of my daily life filled with technology and explore the natural elements that I normally would ignore or look past with little to no appreciation. Visiting the museum helped me better understand nature's quiet miracles that occur everyday. Most importantly it allowed me to realize that there is true majesty within our earth and that we should not take advantage or take this for granted because it is our home that provides a sense of beauty and stability for us all.

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