What I learned throughout my experience By:blake beeler


Throughout interviewing I asked many questions like "How could we protect our coral reefs from human effects" I got a verity of answers to putting something in the water to protect it to going to schools to raise awareness to be more careful about pollution in the water.

Interview questions and answers used

Card sorts

Card sorts are good ways to get to know your audience and what there opinions are toward your subject for instance In my card sort were 10 different ways that coral reefs are being destroyed and asked them which ones they think are the most harmful out of the 3 people I used the card sort on rising ocean surface temps was in the top 3 out of the 10 cards.

How Might we

My HMW is How might we protect coral reefs from mass destruction and this is important to keep in mind as i'm doing my interviews and my 5 whys because i don't want to steer to far away from my subject and lose the purpose of doing this.


Its good to get into the shoes of who your user is because you can get all different perspectives of what your problem is about and for instance in mine I went to Northwest pet and seed to watch people and see there reactions to the fish tanks and what they get interested in and what they don't like and throughout my experience there I learned that many of the younger kids like the bigger fish and the brighter coral and the older people also liked the brighter coral but liked the tanks and what was in them.

Northwest pet and seed

Good ways to get started

Good ways to get started is to absorb as much information from your topic as possible like use the internet or to ask professional for my topic there is lots of info on the internet because my problem is a world wide issue. I learned lots from When mass bleaching started to ways to help protect the coral and the benefits for having coral reefs.

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