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Since 2012 We have been providing professional marketing, PR, and consulting services to individuals and businesses within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. We specialize in helping businesses gain a competitive edge in today’s digital economy.

We can market your business, products, or services to the crypto communities, from the newbies to the hardcore speculators and "whales", reaching a whole new market sector of people eager to support crypto-friendly and/or crypto-related businesses. We have handled extensive marketing campaigns for exchanges/trading platforms, ICO and token launches, and many more. We utilize a three-pronged approach with our campaigns: Traditional advertising, targeted publicity and public relations, and influencer marketing and promotions.

So What Are The Benefits?

First and foremost, we can work with budgets of all sizes, small and large. Enclosed in this presentation is some of our general pricing, based on averages that have worked well with previous clients, but feel free to let us know what kind of budget you are working with so we can tailor our recommendations accordingly. Every project is different, and we can even do smaller test campaigns if needed.

The advantage of our services is that we can directly tap into a large market of crypto influencers, ad networks, and press outlets that are typically beyond the reach of companies and their internal marketing team themselves. We do this while simultaneously touting the benefits of the project on the various forums, communities, subreddits, Telegram chats, YouTube, social media “shilling”, and many other various groups, forums, etc., and managing traditional advertising and publicity campaigns as well. Having widespread and mainstream press coverage combined with well respected names in the community, and “whales” migrating to your project does a LOT more good than just a standard internal marketing effort, especially when combined with traditional advertising.

Here’s a good article on influencer marketing and the benefits for your project.

Here’s a good video explaining influencer marketing as well.

As mentioned, we combine these influencer marketing strategies with traditional advertising and/or PR services. We have a team who can constantly monitor the ad campaigns (Crypto ad networks, AdWords, Facebook, etc.), handle PR and follow ups, and ensure that the cost per action is averaged out well below the benefit per action (or average revenue per action), keeping the campaigns profitable on a long term basis. We also constantly monitor metrics to help you come up with hard data for scaling marketing efforts in the future.

So How Much Does It Cost?

While every project is different, and we can tailor our campaigns to fit just about any budget, large and small, our general pricing would break down as follows...

1) Ad Management (media buys, PPC, and CPA advertising)

The cost of this is the ad spend you want to budget, plus 25-33% as our management fee (depending on the size of the campaign). We’d generally recommend a monthly ad budget of 2-10 BTC for this, but we can work with whatever the client lays out. That area tends to have the best bite though, so for a 10 BTC monthly ad spend, the total cost would be 13.3 BTC/month. Our total averaged CPC across all campaigns is 0.000154 BTC and we are currently averaging 4.75% sign up conversion rate, so you can do the math there to see the overall benefit. We can also reduce your management fee in certain situations, especially for larger budget layouts.

2) Influencer marketing/community outreach and ‘whale migration’ strategy

If we start by recruiting some high profile influencers and market makers and creating the appearance of a migration away from the competition, combined with grassroots “shilling” and recommendations, while simultaneously touting the benefits on the various forums (we have 100’s of Hero, Senior, and Member accounts on BitcoinTalk alone), communities, subreddits, groups, etc. I think this would have the best overall benefit to you. The cost for this would generally be 2-5 BTC for the first month and 1-3 BTC/month thereafter for the smallest influencer campaigns, and it can go up to a lot more if you want to get celebrity influencers involved or reach a wider audience beyond the typical crypto groups (for an example of celebrity influencer campaigns, see here).

3) PR & publicity management services

We distribute your press release (supplied by you, or written by us if needed) to over 250,000 journalists across the globe, newswires such as Associated Press, Reuters, LexisNexis, and more. We guarantee publishing on at least 5 top tier outlets such as Yahoo Finance, Business Journal, Chicago Tribune, San Fransisco Chronicle, CNBC, Bloomberg Businessweek, Wall Street Journal, The Merkle, MarketWatch, or Reuters, plus 400 other online news outlets. Your PR will also appear on places like Google News, Bing News, Bitcoin Magazine, CryptoCoinsNews, Coinspeaker, Bitcoinist, Bitcoin Warrior, The Bitcoin News, Blockchain.info newsfeed, and other various bitcoin news outlets. It will also be manually sent to CoinTelegraph, CoinDesk, and many more, and tweeted to 100,000+ targeted twitter followers with a live Twitter tracking URL. We can even target well known mainstream press outlets like Forbes, Inc., and many others. All PR campaigns include 1-2 weeks of follow up and campaign management (this is the most critical and important aspect of PR management) and scheduling of interviews as needed. Costs start at 1 BTC per press release for crypto-focused news media, and 2-3 BTC for more mainstream targeting. We also have 5 and 10 BTC packages available for maximum exposure, with additional follow up services, and annual plans are available as well.

In Conclusion

One of our most recent ICO clients budgeted 30 BTC for a 90 day campaign and saw over $9.5 million in deposits during their ICO period as a direct result of our efforts. Another client spent 15 BTC and raised nearly $5 million. One of our larger clients spent 250 BTC over the course of a year and our marketing efforts propelled them into the list of top 15 cryptocurrencies by market cap. One of our exchange/trading platform clients spent 25 BTC and saw over 100,000 new clients accounting for nearly $8 million in new deposits over a 100 day period. We’ve never had an unsatisfied client, and we guarantee positive results.

It’s important to reiterate that while the numbers above are used as a ‘best bang for your buck’ scenario, we can usually work with budgets of all sizes and have plenty of smaller-budget clients as well.

If you'd like to discuss campaign options for your project, or have further questions, feel free to reach out to us directly at info@thecryptoconsultants.org

We'd love to help get your project the exposure it deserves and look forward to working with you,

-Mike, Dan, Tyler, Steve, and the rest of the team at The Crypto Consultants.


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