The Malaria Parasite Destroy or Deploy

What is Malaria?

  • A micro-organism parasite that infects and reproduces in your red blood cells.
  • Infects humans and female Anopheles.
  • Parasite reproduces A-sexually within blood cell and liver in host. New cells destroy other cells by continuing the cycle.
  • Mostly known to be in Africa as transmission there is very common.
  • 3.2 billion people at risk in 2015, almost half of the world's population.
An infected red blood cell

Traits and Symptoms

  • Traits that are affected: Red blood cell and immune system.
  • Red blood cell surface becomes modified and immune system builds up toxins.
  • Symptoms include high fever, respiratory difficulties, diarrhea, comas, vomiting, and worst of all, death!

Cures and Solutions

  • Medication and drugs to prevent and treat malaria.
  • Many, many, many mosquito killers wherever you go.
  • A vaccine that will inject the correct amount of parasites.
  • Gene therapy (being tested for effectiveness).


  • Most Malaria instances are in Africa. The continent is big
  • it is transmitted fast there
  • 90% global malaria deaths are in Africa.
  • Lack of resources there.
  • Expensive vaccine to develop
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Jad Attari

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