Canning Vale Education Support Centre Newsletter 26th August 2019

Principal's Message

Jodie Norwell, Principal.

Dear families,

Thank you to all families who have worked closely with the teachers in the development of your child’s Semester 2 IEPs. We will have these printed and sent home as soon as possible. Please take the time to read through and send us your feedback – we really appreciate hearing what we are doing well and how we can make your and your child’s journey with us even better.

The P&C will be running the Father’s Day stall this week on 29th and 30th August. Lots of fantastic gifts will be available so don’t forget to send in money for your child. You could win a FREE Entertainment Book Membership for Dad because every student who buys a gift goes in the draw! We are truly grateful for the hard work and commitment of our P&C supporting our students over the course of the year.

Our Book Week Dress Up Parade will be on this Friday at 9am. Don’t forget to look out on our Facebook page to see how awesome everyone will look.

The Sports Carnival is coming up on the 20th September and all classes have been practicing a lot for the big day. Their skills and turn-taking have progressed so much and it is shaping up to be a fantastic day! If you are able to, please join us on the day to cheer on our little champions.

Lastly, our School Bus Service has places available on the school bus. If you like the idea of supporting your child’s independence and having a school bus pick your child up from your house and drop them off again in the afternoon, please submit an online application at https://www.schoolbuses.wa.gov.au/TransportAssistance/OnlineServices/ApplicationForTransportAssistance.aspx Places are limited so get in quick! Jodie Norwell, Principal.

AEIIP Classroom News

The Autism Early Intervention Kindy students are working on developing turn taking through play. Maaz and Akaran are doing this through simple board games, Elijah and Jonah are working together to build a tower using Duplo while Hannan and Charlie are taking turns to push trains around the track. Rochelle Mulder, Teacher.

Akaran taking his turn with a board game
Hannan and Charlie taking turns with the trains.

The student’s in B8 are learning new play skills using play scripts. The students took turns cooking a meal for their friends after their friends had placed their order at the diner. The students used the scripts to help develop the language needed to join in during this activity. Siobhan Sweeney, Teacher.

Ordering food at the Diner.
Having fun at the Diner.

B9 Classroom News

So far in term three the B9 students have participated in many of the exciting events happening for the children within the school. For many of our students it has taken them some time to really engage in the Humphry’s Dance classes. In week one most children were not sure what was expected of them, but at each subsequent lesson their involvement has increased, which is pleasing to see.

The pre-primary and year one students have started training for the sports day carnival. The students do seem to enjoy themselves.

In the classroom, many students are really starting to demonstrate improvements both socially and academically. Ruhi is starting to make eye contact much more frequently, while Aaron really enjoys helping to tidy up in the classroom. We hope he’s that helpful at home. 😊 Sayfiyy is making tremendous improvements with his academic work and is to be warmly congratulated for the progress he is making. He has demonstrated good knowledge of the alphabet, and along with Rayhan, Rory, Miko and Elexis is learning to correctly place words (with picture cues) to form short sentences. Bob Beckman, Teacher.

H3 Classroom News

It has been a week of celebration in H3 as our amazing students achieve new skills.

Alyda has watched other children on the bikes for some time. She then decided it was time to have a go herself. She started slowly sitting on the bike for short times, then gradually had a go at the pedals. Alyda now enjoys bike riding with the other students and is very proud of herself and so are we! Blake is now learning how to get on the big boys bikes.

Jordon has worked on his counting and this week he counted to ten beautifully using his voice.

At greeting time in the mornings, Hussein has stood out with his beautiful greetings to everyone, his speech has really improved. Pat Ellery & Darran Wilson.

Alyda having fun on the bike
Blake learning to ride a big bike

H4 Classroom News

Wow – what a great first five weeks to Term 3!!!! The students have come back refreshed and raring to go! It has been lovely to see how much they have grown academically and socially since the start of the year. We have been working hard this term on our Prepositions, Calculating and Sports (in preparation for the school carnival). I have been getting the students to make their own resources and they recently made their own playdoh. They all loved making it and have used it for lots of lessons – English, Maths, Fine Motor Skills and just for fun. It is nearly time to make some more. Looking forward to seeing some amazing book week costumes this week. Dana Langridge, Teacher.

Abdul measuring ingredients for play dough.
Sebastian and friends mixing play dough ingredients

B1 Classroom News

B1 had fun at the Scitech Science incursion, it was really interesting, all about movement and electricity and laser beams. The workshop was great. Many thanks to Mrs Latino from CVPS for organizing the event.

Riley has a very special pet that he talked about at news on Monday. Coco apparently is 8 years old and a great companion for Riley. He is also extremely cute! Neil Rose, Teacher.

Riley and his pet rabbit Coco
John during the Scitech incursion.

Chaplain News

Stephanie Sanderson, Chaplain.

This term I have been invited to the classes to read a story about social skills and friendship. This week’s story was called “Six perfectly different pigs”, after the story the students coloured their own individual pig. We talked about how we are all people but we are all different. Alexis and Rory from B9 did a beautiful job colouring, cutting and gluing their pig. Stephanie Sanderson, Chaplain.

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