Adobe Curriculum Designed for a college student learning on their own

The Adobe Education Exchange is a community of teachers who use Creative Cloud tools to enable students to express themselves in a digital way. It offers self paced getting started courses and workshops. You can find many resources on this page to help you learn.

Adobe Spark

A simple way to express ideas in a digital way.

Spark is designed as a way for you to share ideas without having to worry about the technical training and time to learn a tool. The Spark tools will help you learn to put your content first while Spark takes care of making you look good.

Video Projects

Adobe Rush enables video editing for any learner on many devices including mobile.

There are many times that you just need to make quick video, or you want your social post to just look better. Rush is at your aid to help you tell stories in a compelling visual way without needing several hours to learn a new tool.

Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud has all the tools needed to begin a successful career in digital media

This is a great place to find training and tutorials to help you learn about the Creative Cloud environment. You will find all of your favorite desktop apps with tutorials and other learning resources.

At the center of your Creative Cloud experience you will discover libraries. These libraries will become the center of your design process as you learn to leverage their power in coordination with Creative Cloud storage. Spend some time getting to know Creative Cloud Libraries to unite your creativity on all of your devices.

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