Instant Ice Sculpting By Trey Nebergall


In this experiment you will be watching these handwarmers be used to create an instant ice sculpture.

Relevant Chemistry Concept

This experiment is an example of an exothermic reaction. Now what exactly is an exothermic reaction? An exothermic reaction is a reaction that releases energy in the form of heat or light. In this experiment it will be releasing heat. I will be using the contents inside of two hand warmers to make an ice sculpture. How this works, is that inside the hand warmers this little disk has particles inside of it. When you put pressure on the disk, it releases the particles into the sodium acetate that is inside the hand warmer. This then changes the molecules to change into solids.

Im a Bird!


In this experiment we are going to need...

Two reausable hand warmers


A plate

A plastic water bottle


  1. Activate a handwarmer
  2. When it stops giving off heat, cut it open and remove a crystal
  3. Put the crystal on a plate
  4. Cut open the other packet and pour the contents into the bottle
  5. Pour the contents of the bottle onto the crystal
  6. Watch ice begin to form :)


Created with images by werner22brigitte - "ice carving winter cold"

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