Water scarcity in Egypt Student 。 Carol Nguyen 。 Teacher 。 Ms Yeo

Water scarcity means the supply of water isn't enough to meet demands.

Water pollution in River Nile, Egypt

Physical scarcity is when the resource is physically unavailable.

Economic scarcity is when the resource is unavailable for economic resource.

The enviroment in North Africa, causes water scarcity as their climate has low water rainfall and high temperatures. This means water is often evaporated quickly.

This map is about water scarcity in Africa.

The technology in North Africa also causes water scarcity because of the lack of infrastructure such as drain pipes which means a small percentage of the population has access to clean drinking water. The culture in North Africa also means their population grows quickly. This causes water scarcity as demand exceeds supply.

Precipitation patterns in Africa.This map is from English-online.at

This map explains why there is water scarcity in Egypt. Egypt is known to be a desert. North Africa suffers from physical water scarcity. This means that there isn't water there. North Africa has high evaporation but low rainfall that's why it's dry in North Africa. There is water scarcity in Egypt because Egypt has a arid climate and only 6 percent of the country is arable and agricultural. The cause of water scarcity in Egypt is because their is more then 60 million people living in Egypt who use water.

Egypt's average temperature .

Egypt's average rainfall.

Egypt's average sunshine hours.

These graph show why there is water scarcity in Egypt because f the high sunshine hours, low rainfalls and high temperatures.

Water pollution in the River Nile, Egypt.

The people in Egypt do not care about their pollution in the River Nile because they throw their household trash into the river, so lots of animals die from drinking the polluted water in the river, fish die in large numbers from poisoning because of high levels of lead.

The Nubian Sandstone Aquifer System.

The Nubian Sandstone Aquifer is the largest fossil Water Aquifer System in the world. The aquifer contains ground water a vital water source for the region, especially for the argriculture sector and for large developing projects in Libya and Egypt.

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