Flying Kowboy

The state drill meet consisted of disappointment for some and accomplishment for others. The teams weren't at their pristine level of preparedness like in the past, but also like in past competitions, the Color Guards carried the school after picking up the Drill Team's weight, and coming out on top in their respective categories.

The Color Guards took home 2nd place inspection, 2nd place regulation drill, 1st place Army special, and 2nd place overall Color Guard in the state of Florida.

Christopher Camilo recieved a Commanders trophy for his hard work, dedication, and determination.

Of all the schools in the state of Florida, Osceola High School's very own ColorGuard #1 came out on top. For a team of four rookies in their own ways, they were the underdogs at the University of Florida: feeling humbled by their victories this year and a sense of pride in their accomplishments.

At very long last, Military Ball finally arrived and the night was a huge success, the DJ was a success, and the Grog was a success, drinking it: not so much.

King Camilo

Queen Aponte

Prince Vanderkin

Princess Rivera

Created By
Miguel Rivera


Miguel Film Co.

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