Divergent Factions by- Shaun Evans, Noah Reiter, and Hunter Deal

aBNEGATION - THIS FACTION CONSISTS OF MANY MEMBERS, ALL FORMING TOGETHER TO care and put others before themselves. It's quite apparent and a fact, that what the people of Abnegation value most is 'humility'. Ways Abnegation convey this trait is by acquiring simlistic and uniform houses/buildings, also affecting their outfits in a similar fashion. Their headquraters is located at the northwest side of the city.
dauntless - Unlike amity, dauntless are the faction to go to for warfare, or other various dangerous activities. What the faction honors most is 'courage'. A unique perk of being a dauntless, is that they are the only faction enabled to use the train. their 'soldiers' all undergo initiation, which is by far the most dangerous of the rest of them. The dauntless headquarters is located at the James r. thompson center.
Erudite -The area in which the faction is located, is webbed with large stone buildings that overlook the marsh. The center building being the library. The erudite all have either attained superior knowledge, compared to most other factions. In the same fashion, what the erudite value most is in fact 'knowledge.' Their headquarters is located south of Navy pier.
amity - The amity are a collection of people who all work for the same cause: the spread of 'peace'. the amity live where the train tracks end, making for an isolated area. as for their attire; it includes all of red and yellow clothing. This represents their faction colors. As for their headquarters, it is located at the ping. tom memorial park.
Candor - the candor people are known for their undeniable honesty. For this reason, they are also known for their subtle disputes amoungst the amity. They always wear black and white, maybe to represent the metaphor of the difference between the 100% truth or 100% lie, headquarters also might reflect upon this as well. Their headquarters rests at West Roosevelt Road.
divergent - This faction isn't exactly an official faction. However, a divergent consists of multiple faction results, calling for a unique classification. the divergent aren't forces to toy with. This is probably why it is so dangerous in being one yourself: because it could bring an unbalance in the factions. The point factions is to organize the people based solely off of their strongest trait. divergents are those that would break that organizational part of the dystopia, making for a troubling outcome of mayhem. the divergent have no headquarters, and are spread secretly amongst all of the factions.


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