Caption Project Jasmine Engle, KyLa Luckie, Lilly Clemons

On the 16th of March in Photo Imaging Jasmine Engle (left) and KyLa Luckie (right), participate in a fun team building activity so others could practice taking pictures to write captions. They were given 6 minutes to build this structure with only marshmallows and spaghetti noodles. Here's a quote from Jasmine on this activity:
The hardest part about building the tower was making sure there was good support. Also making sure it stayed up.
March 16th in photo imaging, Lilly Clemons and KyLa Luckie are seen here building a structure using marshmallows and noodles while someone else took pictures and wrote captions to them. As you could see here they are enjoying themselves quit well with the strange activity. Lilly Clemons comments,
I enjoyed working with others to build the tower most.
At work here is girls by the name KyLa Luckie and Lilly Clemons beginning to build a sturdy structure as a way for others to take pictures and practice caption writing in their photo imaging class. Although they quickly went to work a quote from Kyla Luckie says,
i would plan out how to build it.
This team building exercise allowed kids such as Lilly Clemons and Jasmine Engle to take a shot at practicing their photography skills as well as their writing. In a class where they've never done anything like this is was thoroughly enjoyable as was quoted by Lilly Clemons in the subject she replies, which hints at why she may have been messing around a little.
we've never build anything in this class.

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