Kung Fu Panda 2 - Living Color Project By Kurtis Chong

Background: Po or Kung Fu Panda reunites with te Furious Five (Tigris, Viper, Monkey, Mantis, and Crane) in this animated sexual to combat Lord Shen, the Peacock. Lord Shen is on a mission to destroy Kung Fu and China. In his fight against Kung Fu and China. In Po's fight against Lord Shen, Po finds out about his biological parents.

In the movie Kung Fu Panda 2, there are many representations of Daoism. This movie taught me Daoist traditions, values, the legacy of China, and the culture of Daoism. The movie contained many examples of bringing out your inner self, to worship and respect of ancestors, and certain fighting styles that can relate to the legacy of Daoism. Not only were the visuals a good representation of Daoism, but the sound and music had a strong representation. I learned about how people take pride in practicing the philosophy in their everyday lives. Overall, this movie taught me more about the way of the Dao and the key principles in the religion.

In the movie, Po, the protagonist in the movie and a panda, performs many actions which can be related to Daoism. Firstly, Po is Black and White, similar to the Yin Yang symbol. Not only does Po have the color of the Yin Yang, but towards the end of the movie, Po demonstrates how to control his inner self and finds a way to control and flow along with the enemies tactic fireballs. During this process, he spins and creates a shadow of Yin Yang, thus controlling nature. It shows that when you connect with your inner peace, you are no longer "limited" like the Unmanifest Dao. Po learned to go with the flow, like the Wu Wei, and to let things take its own course. Master Shi Fu mentions flowing with the universe. Po's fighting style has a lot of flow, and uses the other persons energy and force to fight back. Additionally, another relation to the thought of "flow" is when Po is put in a basket and flows down the river. It is related to the Wu Wei as he goes with the current and he allows nature to guide his path and future. Po Says, "What happens in the past doesn't matter, its who you are now." The river lead him to his caring father and he was able to find his Dao, or path and he became a strong and independent kung fu fighter.

Often, Po is forgiven by his friends and his father for acting childish, and in return he redeems himself by doing good actions. This is similar to the 5 Great relations, as it represents father to son (Po and His Goose Father), friends to friends (Po and the 5 Great Warriors), and teacher to student (Po and Master Shi Fu). Po finds success and is influenced by not only his piers, but his Ancestors. He warships them and always dreams about becoming just like them, as he refers to them as "legends".

During this experience I learned both how Kung Fu Panda 2 connects to Daoism and how this movie can relate to the legacy of China. Overall, Po learns to connect with his "inner peace" and becomes one with "the flow of the universe," as master Shifu mentions in the movie. These are Daoist sayings and beliefs. Kung Fu Panda 2 can relate to China because in both modern and China's past history, Kung Fu has been a large part of the Chinese culture. Kung Fu was created not only to fight, but to bring out your inner peace. It was a way of meditation and to calm yourself in a skillful way.

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