Uniquip Togo University of the nations

As we prayed before the Uniquip began, we felt that God wanted to do a redemptive work of rebuilding the walls that were broken down. Educationally, relationally and that we were to build together on the foundation God had laid in West Africa over many years...

The Core Team praying for the participants as we began.

To God unanswered prayers are the most precious. Each tear and prayer are precious to God. He will also send us to places where there are unanswered prayers...

The Lord has a full inheritance for us! Our inheritance is the nations; that the knowledge of the glory of God would fill them and transform them.

Our temptation is to stay where we are comfortable; but God always calls us out of comfort and into difficult and messy battlefields in relationships. Standing in the gap for one another and making space for each other.

We had 160 missionaries and the largest group of base leaders in any Uniquip so far...

We will enter our full inheritance only together... unity in the body of faith is a necessity.

Tom Bloomer shared about the role of the School Leader, Staff, Guest Speaker and Base Leadership in the University of the Nations. We are called into the same tension as the Trinity to support and learn and communicate well with each other in educating the many UofN students God has entrusted us with.

We also learnt about the 3 modes of education;

1. Formal - lectures, memorisation, speaker, curriculum, records and excellence in the classroom.

2. Nonformal - practical, hands on, intentional application, one on ones, learn by doing, live-learn, worship, intercession, outreach and ministry.

3. Informal - not planned but deeply educational too. Like children we are all constantly listening and observing. Our community life, work duties, mealtimes and everyday conversations. Working together and living life together is an educational model.

God uses all three and so should we as missionaries.

We are never promised that we will have understanding before obedience. God calls us often to obey, not wait until we understand; otherwise we raise our understanding up above the authority of the Word of God.

Hearing God’s voice and obedience should be the same thing after the confirmation of God. When we pray we are trusting God; if He doesn’t answer us, He is trusting us! Are we trusting God for what He can give us; or are we alllowing our problems to drive us into His arms?

Hope is the anchor for our souls, faith is the firm assurance of what we hope for! We increase our hope through prayer, testimony and hearing the word of God. We increase our faith only through a long line of obedience in the same direction!

If you want more faith... “keep on doing all that I have commanded you to do”. Much obedience = much faith. Christianity is the obedience of Love.

We had much rich discussion around the different topics of what God was revealing...
We also celebrated the availability of the UofN catalogue, website and other resources released into the francophone world! Each location left with a flash drive with these wonderful resources loaded onto it.

We spent much of our time in worship, intercession and were led in powerful devotionals by participants everyday.

There are two areas where we need to see change in Africa... 1. Women in leadership and 2. Moving from a dictatorial leadership style to a committed service of our people.

Transactional Leadership vs. Transformational Leadership. Jesus models a whole new way to see transformation in His disciples that is not authoritarian, dictatorial or hierarchical. Instead He leads by great vision, low threshold and deep influence. Leading with acts of service, love and deeply human relational humility as the Son of God.

Everyday we took time in conversation with one another sensitive to the Holy Spirit and creating space for what God was doing with impactful application.

There was a wonderful unity in all of the diversity of our lives, cultures and languages.

YWAM Noepe was a wonderful location with morning mist each morning during breakfast.

We also celebrated all that God had done through faithful mothers and fathers in our mission who pioneered in West Africa and faced many obstacles to do so. Many of them were present and were honoured by those who were younger. We must all build together on the same foundation God has laid.

We also addressed where many had experienced educational wounding and received healing so that we don’t use the same transactional models in our teaching and training of others in YWAM and the UofN.

We wrote down our commitments to God on a long sheet of paper that marked the journey we have been on as well as the expectant future of taking hold of and entering into our inheritance in West Africa and beyond!

For more information please see http://www.uofn.edu


Photo credits: Aleck Cartwright

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