How the World of Work is Changing Globalisation

The New Global Economy

Globalisation means, the process by which businesses, or other organizations develop internationally (all around the world) example: Apple is a famous technology business they sell, repair and sometimes make, phones, ipad's, laptops and other consoles. More than 600,000 new companies are set to launch this year. Company means business they are the same thing just, people mostly say company more than they say business. There are more than millions of companies all over the world. They can sell anything in the world at anytime even on the internet. Amazon is a huge company which is online. When you pay for something on the internet you can get a 1 day free delivery but sometimes you have to pay more money for a 1 day delivery or you can collect it in that shop.

How technology is Changing the workplace

Changing Employment Patterns


There are over millions of jobs in the world mostly in the bigger countries like America and China. A lot of jobs in China don't pay as well compared to other countries even if you're working over time or at weekends, the reason for this could be because China is over populated.

Skills and Qualities

To get a really good paying fun job you need to have a lot of skills. If you wanted to be a pilot you need University degrees and other training such as flying skills and knowing what to do in an emergency. Many companies around the world look for people that have a lot of skills and experiences. Most phones are made in China this would be a very skilled job to have. Jack wills clothing company would need skilled people to make high quality clothes and shoes, however cheaper quality clothing companies are not as popular with skilled people.

In this country we are thinking and wondering about the world changing like globalisation and the state of the economy. But if we lived in America today our biggest fear and worry would be how our country will change when Donald Trump is president in the White House and if there will be a war. He could destroy the world, not change it.


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