Why is Nike more popular than other brands? You will find out....................


Adidas is a world famous company and has a lot of stores worldwide right? Nike’s worldwide market is double than Adidas! This means more stores equals to more people and more people equals to more money. When you carry on you will find out why Nike is dominating every other brand with sales.

Nike and Adidas focus on different things. Maybe this could be a reason why Nike is dominating with sales. Nike focus more on running and basketball. While Adidas focus more on tennis and soccer. Nike has their famous slogan “ Just do it” and Adidas has a less known slogan “ Impossible is nothing” Bet you didn’t know that Adidas even had one. Adidas and Nike both make clothing as well, but since Nike has more clothing than Adidas people will think that Nike is more stylish. That's another reason. Nike has a good reputation of footwear and their clothing. Nike sponsors famous athletes such as Michael Jordan, Kobe bryant ETC. This is a reason why people trust Nike, because they sponsor famous athletes.

Usually shoes are made from rubber and wool. Adidas has their usual shoe material with their recycled rubber, leather and wool. Nike has a variety of material from leather and wool to flyknit. Nike’s new flyknit shoes has sold very successfully. Main reason is because it's light and comfortable. Although the material is very good and light it wears in a bit fast. And it's also very expensive. Usually the price for flyknit shoes are $150.

Although Nike has a good reputation on shoes and clothing Adidas has more worldwide employees. Adidas has over 46K worldwide employees and Nike has 44K worldwide employees. But Nike’s net worth is higher than Adidas. Nike's net worth is at 50 billion dollars while Adidas net worth is at 22 billion dollars. Another sports brand called New Balance has a net worth at only 4.1 billion dollars. As you can see Nike has the highest net worth among sports brands. So next time you go sneaker shopping remember the reasons why Nike is dominating others or go for other brands. Always remember Impossible is nothing.

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