Rhetorical devices Katherine Raglin & alexis castro

Synecdoche - Using one part of something or someone to represent a whole. Example - Captain Hook yelled "All hands on deck"
Juxtaposition - Making one concept and idea more dramatic and eyes catching by setting it next to its opposite. Example - A McDonald's poster advertising their food next to a poster over how child obesity is bad.
Jargon - a pattern of vocabulary that follow a specific topic. Example - It's just a mild hyper-insulin due to islet cell hyperplasia with a touch of hepatic insufficiency and glycogen depletion.
Malapropism - Using a word that sounds the same but not the same definition. Example - They danced Flamingo.
Irony - The use of words to show something that is the opposite of the literal meaning. There are three types verbal sarcasm, situational when it's the contrast of what's happening, and dramatic. Example

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