The Maze Runner movie vs book

The book The Maze Runner focuses on Thomas's perspective of everything that happens to him in the Glade. The book was intriguing. It draws you in quick and the details are revealed in perfect timing to keep you turning the pages for more.

The movie The maze runner was full of action, it showed teens fighting and surviving on their own .The movie is about more than a puzzle, or the search for answers to the questions of who put them there and why. It’s about the power of curiosity.

•In the book, Thomas immediately remembers his name upon arriving in the Glade. In the film, he doesn't remember it until later that night after his arrival.

•In the book, Thomas spends an whole day in the Slammer for going out into the Maze. In the movie, he only spends a night with no food.

•In the book, they have been in the Glades for two years. In the movie, they've been there for three years.

•In the book, Teresa arrives the day after Thomas did. In the movie, she arrives a few days after he came.

•In the movie, the Beetle Blades don't exist but the people who spy on them spy do so through surveillance cameras in the Maze.

•In the book, Thomas is attacked by Ben after following a Beetle Blade into the forest. In the movie, Thomas is attacked by Ben after Newt sends him into the forest to collect fertilizer.

•in the book,when Chuck dies, Thomas attacks Gally. In the movie, right when Gally fires the gun, Minho throws a spear at Gally, killinghim.

Overall i enjoyed the book better, it added more detail and i feel like the movie left out details that made the book a lot better. I read the book first then watched the movie. It was a great story and id like to finish reading the rest of the series.

Dashner,James The Maze Runner. New York:Dell Publishing,2009,Print.


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