Francis Bacon His Legacy

Who was Francis bacon?

Francis Bacon (1561-1625) was an English politician and scientific philosopher in the who is known for his lasting contributions to science and education. He was so influential, in fact, he is considered “The Father of the Scientific Revolution,” and also “The Father of Empiricism."

Deduction and induction

Before Bacon, most science and education was based off of the findings and teachings of Classical Greek philosophers, namely Aristotle. This taught scientists to use methods of deduction, or experimentation within their own minds. Their outlook was that if one thought about a problem within one’s own mind, one could figure out the laws and forces behind it. Bacon disagreed with this philosophy, and instead promoted methods of induction and empiricism, or experimentation in the real world using actual experiences. This was eventually adopted by scientists everywhere, and the thought of repeatable, controlled experimentation in the real world is still commonplace, especially in the form of his most well known and influential creations, the Baconian Method, or, as it is more commonly known, the Scientific Method.

The scientific method

The Scientific Method is a common method of experimentation used by modern day scientists. It is taught in schools around the world, and provides scientists with a basic framework for experimentation. While it has changed a small amount over the centuries, it has remained nearly the same, labeling Francis Bacon as a visionary ahead of his time.

Research institutes

Bacon was also one of the original people to support the idea of research institutes and organizations. At the time, these were nonexistent, and Bacon saw the need for them in society and their many uses. After his death, English scientists of the Boyle Circle, or the Invisible College, used his ideas and created the Royal Society of London for Improving Natural Knowledge, more widely known as the Royal Society. This organization is the oldest society for science, and is actually still functioning today.

The Crest of the Royal Society
Who was francIs bacon?

Francis Bacon was a famous English politician and scientist, well known for his scientific ideas and advancement of education, coining the term “Knowledge is Power.” He was ahead of his time, and a visionary for the future of science. Through his ideas, which are still used today, he helped revolutionize science, and we have used his ideas to make giant leaps forward in scientific progress.

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