Education in Haiti How it is different from the united States

Education Fees and Enrollment- The country of Haiti has about 15,400 primary schools. Only 10% of these schools are public schools. Tuition fees for school can range anywhere from $200 to $350 a year for just one child. The average income of a Haitian is about $400, so schooling is almost impossible. Most Haitian families have four or five children, so some families can send one child to school, or rotate all their children through one at a time. Though everyone is allowed to go to school, because of the cost of schooling, very few children get to go to school.

Haiti Schooling- Haiti schools do not have the proper supplies needed for schooling. About half of the teachers don't have basic qualification they should, and 80% of teachers have not received training. Some teachers only have a high school degree, some don't even have that! Under these circumstances, it is unknown how a typical school day goes, and what they are learning.

  • The average third grade class can range from ages 8 to 15
  • Haiti's literacy rate is is about 61%
  • About 75% of first graders and half of the second grade population can't read a single word
  • The average Haitian, 25 years or older, has less than five years of schooling


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