Layers By Daniel Jeon

to My Loved Ones

Some are lucky to have their grandparents next door. Mine are across the states.

Art of a Latte

Shot Sequences of a Le Boulanger's daily life at work.

SJSU Safety

The perspectives of SJSU students about the dangers and safeties in campus.

The Working Poor

Danny Chac has been working since the beginning of college to support himself and struggles to live his own life.

Game changer

83% of Americans identify themselves as Christians. However, how much of them do they actually believe? There are many churches and pastors that wish to help those who are lost, but even churches have problems as well.

Andy Wood has a solution for that as he leads a nonprofit organization called Frontline Coaching that is dedicated to teaching churches how to grow. He leads seminars and helps pastors financially and spiritually to make their church just like South Bay, where he is the current lead pastor today.

"I met Andy when I was in a smaller church in North Carolina. He helped us grow by giving us strategies and new ways to bring in more people to the church until we finally merged together to become South Bay Church," said Pastor Philip.

He has helped many people to find their own way and reinvented the way churches are supposed to help people by interpretation it as a company.

Pastor JC says, “Andy is one of the few of the church planters in the Bay Area that has successfully integrated technology and social media with the church and can change the world."

Where would we be if Andy didn’t stepped up and helped others unselfishly?

Through Andy, the Bay Area now has churches that can integrate modern trends to society while giving the message to others at the same time. So come over to South Bay Church, where he currently leads as a pastor and see his work and messages. You're mindset will truly be changed through him.


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